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Chapter: 82 - Comparison of signature or writing

2a:82-1: Comparison of signature or writing

2a:82-3: Defenses to sealed instruments

2a:82-4.1: Recital in record that person was summoned or appeared; estoppel

2a:82-4.2: Jurisdiction; burden of proof

2a:82-4.3: Limitations of actions; burden of proof

2a:82-4.4: Award; interest; penalties

2a:82-4.5: Judgments governed by Revised Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act; inapplicability of act

2a:82-4.6: Severability

2a:82-4.7: Meaning of "any proceeding upon a foreign judgment, including a judgment of any court out of this state"

2a:82-5: Record used to refresh memory

2a:82-6: Copies of record of protest as evidence

2a:82-7: Certificate of protest as evidence

2a:82-13: Presumption of publication of ordinance according to law

2a:82-17: Certificates of acknowledgment or proof of instruments as evidence of execution thereof

2a:82-18: Certification or authentication of instruments not acknowledged or proved; effect as evidence

2a:82-19: Exemplifications and records of certain foreign deeds or writings as evidence

2a:82-20: Records and certified transcripts of instruments as evidence; exceptions

2a:82-21: Rerecords of instruments and certified transcripts thereof as evidence

2a:82-22: Entries or abstracts of mortgages and transcripts thereof as secondary evidence

2a:82-23: Original instruments produced; notice to adverse party

2a:82-24: Certifications, notations or records of time of record, etc., of instruments as prima facie proof of date of record, etc., thereof

2a:82-38: Photographic, photostatic, etc., copies as competent evidence

2a:82-39: Interpretation and construction

2a:82-40: Short title

2a:82-41: Person against whom claim is asserted; right of examination

2a:82-42: Injured person or claimant; right of examination

2a:82-43: Attorneys and agents; application of law

2a:82-44: No liability for permitting examination

2a:82-45: Definition of hospital

2a:82-46: Disclosure of identity of victims of certain crimes under age 18 prohibited