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Chapter: 84A - Dolls as testimonial aids

2a:84A-16.1: Dolls as testimonial aids

2a:84A-17: Privilege of accused.

2a:84A-18: Definition of incrimination

2a:84A-19: Self-incrimination; exceptions

2a:84A-20: Lawyer-client privilege

2a:84A-21: Newspaperman's privilege

2a:84A-21a: Definitions

2a:84A-21.1: Criminal proceeding; Subpena; disclosure of information; application of act

2a:84A-21.2: Time of proceedings

2a:84A-21.3: Prima facie showing subpenaed materials obtained during professional activities; waiver of privilege or other grounds for disclosure; hearing

2a:84A-21.4: In camera inspection; hearing; determination of admissibility; order for production

2a:84A-21.5: Hearings; findings of fact and conclusions of law

2a:84A-21.6: Appeals; stay of penalty; sealing of record; return of privileged material

2a:84A-21.7: Co-defendants; notice of proceedings; right to intervene

2a:84A-21.8: Assessment of costs or counsel fee

2a:84A-21.9: News media person or entity; freedom from searches and seizures of documentary materials; exceptions

2a:84A-21.10: Applications for search warrant; approval

2a:84A-21.11: Civil cause of action for damages due to violations

2a:84A-21.12: Definitions

2a:84A-21.13: Inapplicability of act to rights of department of corrections

2a:84A-22: Marital privilege - confidential communications

2a:84A-22.1: Definitions

2a:84A-22.2: Patient and physician privilege

2a:84A-22.3: No privilege relative to certain communications between patient, physician.

2a:84A-22.4: Contract of patient; condition of patient is element of claim; nonprivileged communications

2a:84A-22.5: Information reported to public official; nonprivileged communications

2a:84A-22.6: Obtaining physician to aid commission of crime or tort, or to escape detection or apprehension; nonprivileged communications

2a:84A-22.7: Testimony by physician on request of holder of privilege; termination of privilege

2a:84A-22.8: Utilization review committees of certified hospital or extended care facility; exceptions

2a:84A-22.9: Liability of member of utilization review committee for disclosure of information

2a:84A-22.10: Hospital or long-term health care facility committees; professional review committees; liability of members

2a:84A-22.13: Findings, declarations

2a:84A-22.14: Definitions.

2a:84A-22.15: Victim counselor confidentiality privilege

2a:84A-22.16: Where disclosure required

2a:84A-22.17: Definitions relative to emergency services peer counseling.

2a:84A-23: Cleric-penitent privilege

2a:84A-24: Religious belief

2a:84A-25: Political vote

2a:84A-26: Trade secret

2a:84A-27: Official information

2a:84A-28: Identity of informer

2a:84A-29: Waiver of privilege by contract or previous disclosure; limitations

2a:84A-30: Admissibility of disclosure wrongfully compelled

2a:84A-31: Reference to exercise of privileges

2a:84A-32: Effect of error in overruling claim of privilege

2a:84A-32a: Motion for performance of forensic DNA testing, certain circumstances

2a:84A-32b: Rules.

2a:84A-32c: Procedures for DNA testing at accredited non-NDIS participating laboratory.

2a:84A-32d: Construction of act.

2a:84A-32e: Findings, declarations relative to preservation of biological evidence.

2a:84A-32f: Definitions relative to the preservation of biological evidence.

2a:84A-32g: Preservation of biological evidence.

2a:84A-32h: Responsibilities of the director.

2a:84A-32i: Violations, disorderly persons offense.

2a:84A-32j: Guidelines, procedures.

2a:84A-32.1: Prosecutions involving rape; evidence of complaining witness' previous sexual conduct

2a:84A-32.2: Conduct one year or more prior to date of offense; presumption of inadmissibility

2a:84A-32.3: Complaining witness defined

2a:84A-32.4: Prosecutions for actions for sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, human trafficking, child abuse or neglect; closed circuit testimony for minor.

2a:84A-33: Authority of Supreme Court

2a:84A-34: Presentation of proposed rules at Judicial Conference

2a:84A-35: Public announcement of proposed rules; delivery of copies

2a:84A-36: Effective date of rules; rules subject to cancellation by joint resolution

2a:84A-37: Change or cancellation of rules by statute or adoption of subsequent rules

2a:84A-38: Adoption of rules at such time, or with such effective date, or without presentation at Judicial Conference, as may be provided in joint resolution

2a:84A-39: Reduction or elimination of time during which rules may be canceled by joint resolution

2a:84A-40: Effect of rules on conflicting laws

2a:84A-41: Rules not to abridge, enlarge or modify substantive rights or eliminate right of trial by jury

2a:84A-42: Applicability of rules to pending proceedings or existing rights or remedies

2a:84A-43: Publication of compilations and restatements of rules

2a:84A-44: Force and effect of existing rules dealing with admission or rejection of evidence

2a:84A-45: Repeals

2a:84A-47: Effect of repeals

2a:84A-48: Short title

2a:84A-49: Effective date