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Chapter: 12 - Establishment of municipal courts.

2b:12-1: Establishment of municipal courts.

2b:12-2: Name of court

2b:12-3: Place of court

2b:12-4: Judge of municipal court; term of office appointment

2b:12-5: Additional municipal judges.

2b:12-6: Designation of acting judges

2b:12-7: Qualifications of judges; compensation

2b:12-8: Chief judge

2b:12-9: Presiding judge of the municipal courts

2b:12-10: Municipal court administrator and personnel

2b:12-11: Certification of municipal court administrators.

2b:12-12: Bond or insurance

2b:12-13: Powers of administrator

2b:12-14: Officers empowered to execute process

2b:12-15: Courtrooms and equipment

2b:12-16: Territorial jurisdiction.

2b:12-17: Jurisdiction of specified offenses

2b:12-17.1: Responsibility for notification.

2b:12-17.2: Motor vehicle matters involving death, bodily injury, Superior Court exclusive jurisdiction; prosecution guidelines.

2b:12-18: Jurisdiction of specified offenses where indictment and trial by jury are waived

2b:12-19: Authority of municipal court judge prior to indictment; notice to county prosecutor

2b:12-20: Municipal housing court; jurisdiction.

2b:12-21: Officials authorized to act for court

2b:12-22: Periodic service of imprisonment

2b:12-23: Default in payment of fine; community service

2b:12-23.1: Penalties payable in installments; alternative penalties.

2b:12-24: Costs charged to complainant in certain cases

2b:12-25: Records and standards for municipal courts

2b:12-26: Docketing judgment

2b:12-27: Employment of prosecutor by county, municipality.

2b:12-30: Automated Traffic System Fund

2b:12-30.1: Automated Traffic System Statewide Modernization Fund.

2b:12-31: Suspension of driving privileges

2b:12-32: Purging of records for violators of certain municipal ordinances.

2b:12-33: Application of act.

2b:12-34: Regional municipal court pilot program.

2b:12-35: Jurisdiction of regional municipal court.

2b:12-36: Disposition of fines, costs collected.

2b:12-37: Judicial appointments.

2b:12-38: Certain regional municipal courts to begin hearing cases.