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Chapter: 20 -

2c:20-1: Definitions.

2c:20-1.1: Offense involving access device; presumption of unlawful purpose

2c:20-2: Consolidation of theft and computer criminal activity offenses.

2c:20-2.1: Additional penalties for theft or unlawful taking of motor vehicle

2c:20-2.2: Additional fine for auto theft

2c:20-2.3: Theft from grave sites, certain; penalty.

2c:20-2.4: Leader of cargo theft network.

2c:20-2.5: Additional disposition for certain offenses; degree of crime, penalties.

2c:20-2.6: Crimes involving theft from cargo carrier; degree of crime, penalties.

2c:20-3: Theft by unlawful taking or disposition

2c:20-4: Theft by deception

2c:20-5: Theft by extortion

2c:20-6: Theft of property lost, mislaid, or delivered by mistake

2c:20-7: Receiving stolen property.

2c:20-7.1: Fencing

2c:20-7.2: Notification of theft of scrap metal.

2c:20-8: Theft of services

2c:20-9: Theft by failure to make required disposition of property received

2c:20-10: Unlawful taking of means of conveyance.

2c:20-11: Shoplifting.

2c:20-11.1: Guidelines for prosecution of shoplifting offenses

2c:20-11.2: Leader of organized retail theft enterprise.

2c:20-12: Definitions for sections 2-4

2c:20-13: Concealment of material

2c:20-14: Detention on probable cause

2c:20-15: Sign required

2c:20-16: Operation of facility for sale of stolen automobile parts; penalties

2c:20-17: Use of juvenile in theft of automobiles, penalty

2c:20-18: Leader of auto theft trafficking network, penalty

2c:20-20: Civil actions

2c:20-21: Injunctive relief by state; other persons

2c:20-22: Estoppel

2c:20-23: Definitions.

2c:20-24: Value of property or services; additional measures.

2c:20-25: Computer criminal activity; degree of crime; sentencing.

2c:20-31: Wrongful access, disclosure of information; degree of crime; sentencing.

2c:20-31.1: Posting of certain information relative to law enforcement officers on the Internet; degree of crime.

2c:20-33: Obtaining, copying, accessing program, software valued at $1,000 or less.

2c:20-34: Situs of offense, determination.

2c:20-35: Definitions.

2c:20-36: Misuse of food stamp coupons, ATP card, benefit card, value equal or greater than $150.

2c:20-37: Misuse of food stamp coupons, ATP card, benefit card, value less than $150.

2c:20-38: Penalty for theft of electronic vehicle identification system transponder.

2c:20-39: Participation in pyramid promotional schemes, crime, penalties.