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Chapter: 21 - Forgery and Related Offenses

2c:21-1: Forgery and Related Offenses

2c:21-2: Criminal simulation

2c:21-2.1: Offenses involving false government documents, degree of crime.

2c:21-2.2: Ban on police badge transfers

2c:21-2.3: Producing, selling, offering, displaying, possessing, fraudulent motor vehicle insurance ID cards; penalties

2c:21-2.4: Possession of certain fraudulent receipts, universal product code (UPC) labels and checks

2c:21-3: Frauds relating to public records and recordable instruments

2c:21-4: Falsifying or tampering with records

2c:21-4.1: Destruction, alteration, falsification of records, crime of fourth degree

2c:21-4.2: Definitions relative to health care claims fraud.

2c:21-4.3: Health care claims fraud, degree of crime; prosecution guidelines.

2c:21-4.4: Findings, declarations relative to insurance fraud

2c:21-4.5: Definitions relative to insurance fraud

2c:21-4.6: Crime of insurance fraud

2c:21-4.7: Insurance Fraud Detection Reward Program

2c:21-4.8: Motor vehicle title offenses, grading.

2c:21-5: Bad checks.

2c:21-6: Credit cards

2c:21-6.1: Definitions relative to scanning devices, reencoders; criminal use, degree of crime.

2c:21-7: Deceptive business practices

2c:21-7.2: Definitions

2c:21-7.3: False representation

2c:21-7.4: Disorderly persons offense

2c:21-7.5: Definitions relative to air bags.

2c:21-8: Misrepresentation of mileage of motor vehicle

2c:21-8.1: Definition; determination of degree of offense

2c:21-9: Misconduct by corporate official

2c:21-10: Commercial bribery and breach of duty to act disinterestedly

2c:21-11: Rigging publicly exhibited contest

2c:21-12: Defrauding secured creditors

2c:21-13: Fraud in insolvency

2c:21-14: Receiving deposits in a failing financial institution

2c:21-15: Misapplication of entrusted property and property of government or financial institution

2c:21-16: Securing execution of documents by deception

2c:21-17: Impersonation; theft of identity; crime.

2c:21-17.1: Restitution to victim of unlawful use of personal identifying information.

2c:21-17.2: Use of personal identifying information of another, certain; second degree crime.

2c:21-17.3: Trafficking in personal indentifying information pertaining to another person, certain; crime degrees; terms defined

2c:21-17.4: Action by person defrauded by unauthorized use of personal identifying information.

2c:21-17.5: Deletion of certain items from victim's consumer reporting files.

2c:21-17.6: Report of identity theft to local law enforcement agency.

2c:21-18: Slugs

2c:21-19: Wrongful Credit Practices and Related Offenses.

2c:21-20: Unlicensed practice of medicine, surgery, podiatric medicine, crime of third degree.

2c:21-20.1: Unlicensed practice of acupuncture, third degree crime.

2c:21-20.2: Unauthorized practice of psychology; third degree crime.

2c:21-20.3: Unauthorized practice of chiropractic; third degree crime.

2c:21-20.4: Unauthorized practice of social work; third degree crime.

2c:21-20.5: Unauthorized practice of psychoanalysis; third degree crime.

2c:21-21: Short title; definitions; offenses; penalties.

2c:21-22: Unauthorized practice of law, penalties.

2c:21-22a: Civil actions resulting from the unauthorized practice of law.

2c:21-22.1: Definitions relative to use of runners; crime; sentencing.

2c:21-23: Findings, declarations

2c:21-24: Definitions

2c:21-25: Money laundering, illegal investment, crime.

2c:21-26: Knowledge inferred

2c:21-27: Degrees of offense; penalties; nonmerger.

2c:21-27.1: Criteria for imposition of anti-money laundering profiteering penalty.

2c:21-27.2: Calculation of anti-money laundering profiteering penalty.

2c:21-27.3: Revocation or reduction of penalty assessment.

2c:21-27.4: Payment schedule.

2c:21-27.5: Relation to other dispositions.

2c:21-27.6: Collection and distribution.

2c:21-28: Civil action for treble damages; allocation

2c:21-29: Investigative interrogatives

2c:21-30: Unlawful practice of dentistry; third degree crime

2c:21-31: Unauthorized practice of immigration law; penalties.

2c:21-31.1: Civil actions resulting from unauthorized practice of immigration law.

2c:21-32: Short title; definitions relative to counterfeit marks; offenses.

2c:21-33: Electrical contracting without business permit, fourth degree crime.

2c:21-34: Penalty for false contract payment claims, representation, for a government contract; prevailing wage violations; grading.

2c:21-35: False public utility employee identification badge, violations, degree of crime.

2c:21-36: Sale of secondhand jewelry.

2c:21-37: Requirements for reselling of secondhand jewelry.

2c:21-38: Requisite knowledge, belief for violation.

2c:21-39: Report by purchaser.

2c:21-40: Immunity.

2c:21-41: Regulations.

2c:21-42: Second degree crime.

2c:21-43: Sale of certain alarm business signs, decals; prohibited.