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Chapter: 35 -


Chapter: 35 - Laboratory certificates; use; admission into evidence; objections

2c:35-1: Short Title

2c:35-1.1: Declaration of policy and legislative findings

2c:35-1.2: Reference to Code of Criminal Justice

2c:35-2: Definitions.

2c:35-3: Leader of Narcotics Trafficking Network

2c:35-4: Maintaining or operating a controlled dangerous substance production facility

2c:35-4.1: Booby traps in manufacturing or distribution facilities; fortified premises

2c:35-5: Manufacturing, distributing or dispensing

2c:35-5.2: Manufacturing, etc. gamma hydroxybutyrate; penalties

2c:35-5.3: Manufacturing, etc. flunitrazepam; penalties

2c:35-5.3a: Criminalization, degree of crime.

2c:35-5.3b: Crimes relative to synthetic cannabinoid; degree.

2c:35-5.3c: Obtaining, possessing synthetic cannabinoid; degree of crime.

2c:35-5.4: Short title.

2c:35-5.5: Findings, declarations relative to removal, restraint of certain drug offenders.

2c:35-5.6: Definitions relative to removal, restraint of certain offenders

2c:35-5.7: Issuance of order by court.

2c:35-5.8: Violations, penalties.

2c:35-5.9: Certification of offense location.

2c:35-5.10: Discretion to not seek restraining order

2c:35-5.11: Drug enforcement and demand reduction penalty doubled for certain offenses.

2c:35-6: Employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme

2c:35-7: Distribution on or within 1,000 feet of school property.

2c:35-7a: Review of sentence by court.

2c:35-7.1: Violations of N.J.S.2C:35-5, certain locations; degree of crime; terms defined

2c:35-8: Distribution to persons under age 18; enhanced punishment

2c:35-9: Strict Liability for Drug-Induced Deaths

2c:35-10: Possession, use or being under the influence, or failure to make lawful disposition

2c:35-10a: Personal use of cannabis items.

2c:35-10b: Lawful operation of cannabis establishments, distributors, and delivery services.

2c:35-10c: Criminal investigation.

2c:35-10d: Prohibition of persons under the legal age purchasing cannabis or cannabis resin.

2c:35-10.2: Possession, etc. of gamma hydroxybutyrate; penalties

2c:35-10.3: Possession, etc. of flunitrazepam; penalties

2c:35-10.3a: Criminalization, degree of crime.

2c:35-10.4: Toxic chemicals.

2c:35-10.5: Prescription legend drugs.

2c:35-11: Imitation controlled dangerous substances; distribution, possession, manufacture, etc.; penalties

2c:35-11.1: Counterfeit drugs, medical devices; degree of crime; definitions.

2c:35-11.2: Restrictions upon conviction.

2c:35-12: Waiver of Mandatory Minimum and Extended Terms.

2c:35-13: Obtaining by fraud

2c:35-14: Rehabilitation program for drug and alcohol dependent persons subject to a presumption of incarceration or a mandatory minimum period of parole inelig

2c:35-14.1: Defendant required to submit to professional diagnostic assessment, exceptions.

2c:35-14.2: Sentence of special probation for certain defendants.

2c:35-14.3: Phase-in of implementation of provisions of law relative to special probation.

2c:35-15: Mandatory drug enforcement and demand reduction penalties; collection; disposition; suspension.

2c:35-16: Forfeiture or postponement of driving privileges.

2c:35-16.1: Notification to landlord of offenses committed by tenant under "Comprehensive Drug Reform Act of 1987"

2c:35-17: Exception to physician-patient privilege

2c:35-18: Exemption, burden of proof.

2c:35-19: Laboratory certificates; use; admission into evidence; objections

2c:35-20: Forensic laboratory fees

2c:35-21: Seizure in violation of chapter; pretrial destruction of bulk seizures of controlled dangerous substances

2c:35-22: Severability

2c:35-23: Pending Cases

2c:35-23.1: Prosecutor shall not pursue certain charges.

2c:35-24: Possession of certain prescription drugs

2c:35-25: Sale restrictions for ephedrine products; disorderly persons offense.

2c:35-26: Reporting requirement for ephedrine products.

2c:35-27: Permissive inference concerning possession of ephedrine products.

2c:35-28: Unlawful possession of precursors; manufacturing methamphetamine; crime of second degree.

2c:35-29: Definitions relative to industrial use of certain chemicals; not deemed a CDS, certain; inferences.

2c:35-30: Immunity from liability, certain circumstances, for persons seeking medical assistance for someone experiencing a drug overdose.

2c:35-31: Protections for certain persons experiencing a drug overdose.