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Chapter: 40 - Creating a hazard

2c:40-1: Creating a hazard

2c:40-2: Refusing to yield a party line

2c:40-3: Hazing; aggravated hazing

2c:40-4: Consent not available as defense to hazing

2c:40-5: Conduct constituting offense may be prosecuted under other provisions of Title 2C

2c:40-6: Definitions

2c:40-7: Portable, oil-burning heating devices; certificate of evaluation by test of safety prior to sale, offer for sale or use

2c:40-8: Label cautioning and informing user

2c:40-9: Inclusion of instructions concerning proper and safe maintenance and operation

2c:40-10: Construction requirements

2c:40-11: Automatic safety shut-off device or design feature to eliminate fire hazard in event of tipover

2c:40-12: Carbon monoxide limitations

2c:40-13: Posting of sign at point of sale or display of prohibition of use in multiple dwellings or in residences in certain municipalities

2c:40-14: Regulations

2c:40-15: Violations; petty disorderly persons offense

2c:40-16: Definitions.

2c:40-17: Tampering, degree of offense; sentencing requirements.

2c:40-18: Violation of law intended to protect public health and safety; grading

2c:40-19: Consumer products; unauthorized writing, offense.

2c:40-20: Use of certain cable, wire devices; fourth degree crime

2c:40-21: Tattooing of a minor; parental permission, required

2c:40-22: Penalty for causing death or injury while driving in violation of R.S.39:3-40 or unlicensed.

2c:40-23: Production, delivery of ignition key, documentation required

2c:40-24: "Traffic control preemption device" defined; possession, certain, unlawful, violations, penalties.

2c:40-25: Persons permitted to dispense contact lenses; violations, fines, penalties.

2c:40-26: Operating motor vehicle during period of license suspension, fourth degree crime.

2c:40-26.1: "School bus" defined, certain driver violations, third degree crime.

2c:40-27: Definitions relative to operation of unmanned aircraft systems.

2c:40-28: Violations, degree of offense, crime.

2c:40-29: Provisions preempt existing laws.

2c:40-30: Authorized use permitted.