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Chapter: 52 - Definition of expungement

2c:52-1: Definition of expungement

2c:52-2: Indictable offenses.

2c:52-3: Disorderly persons offenses and petty disorderly persons offenses

2c:52-4: Ordinances

2c:52-4.1: Juvenile delinquent; expungement of adjudications and charges.

2c:52-5: Expungement of records of young drug offenders

2c:52-5.1: Eligibility to file petition for expungement.

2c:52-5.2: System for sealing records from the public.

2c:52-5.3: "Clean slate" expungement by petition.

2c:52-5.4: Automated "clean slate" process.

2c:52-6: Arrests not resulting in conviction

2c:52-6.1: Certain crimes expunged by operation of law.

2c:52-7: Petition for expungement

2c:52-8: Statements to accompany petition

2c:52-9: Order fixing time for hearing

2c:52-10: Service of petition and documents

2c:52-10.1: System to electronically file expungement applications.

2c:52-11: Order expungement where no objection prior to hearing

2c:52-12: Denial of relief although no objection entered

2c:52-13: When hearing on petition for expungement shall not be held

2c:52-14: Grounds for denial of relief.

2c:52-15: Records to be removed; control

2c:52-16: Expunged record including names of persons other than petitioner

2c:52-17: Use of expunged records by agencies on pending petition for expungement

2c:52-18: Supplying information to violent crimes compensation board

2c:52-19: Order of superior court permitting inspection of records or release of information; limitations

2c:52-20: Use of expunged records in conjunction with supervisory treatment or diversion programs

2c:52-21: Use of expunged records in conjunction with setting bail, presentence report or sentencing

2c:52-22: Use of expunged records by parole board

2c:52-23: Use of expunged records by department of corrections

2c:52-23.1: Use of expunged records; nullification.

2c:52-24: County prosecutor's obligation to ascertain propriety of petition

2c:52-25: Retroactive application

2c:52-26: Vacating of orders of sealing; time; basis

2c:52-27: Effect of expungement

2c:52-27.1: Petition to rescind order of debarment for health care claims fraud; restoration.

2c:52-28: Motor vehicle offenses

2c:52-29: Fee

2c:52-30: Disclosure of expungement order

2c:52-31: Limitation

2c:52-32: Construction

2c:52-32.1: Petition for judicial determination of factual innocence for certain victims of identity theft.