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Chapter: 58 - Registration of manufacturers and wholesale dealers of firearms

2c:58-1: Registration of manufacturers and wholesale dealers of firearms

2c:58-2: Retailing of firearms; licensing of dealers and their employees.

2c:58-2.1: Guidelines for delivery of handguns

2c:58-2.2: Findings, declarations relative to sale of handguns.

2c:58-2.3: Reports as to availability of personalized handguns.

2c:58-2.4: List of personalized handguns.

2c:58-2.5: Sale of personalized handguns, inapplicability.

2c:58-2.6: Rules, regulations.

2c:58-3: Purchase of firearms.

2c:58-3.1: Temporary transfer of firearms

2c:58-3.2: Temporary transfer of firearm for training purposes

2c:58-3.3: "Handgun ammunition" defined; sale, purchase, etc., regulated; violation, fourth degree crime.

2c:58-3.4: Exemption on restriction of purchase of handguns.

2c:58-4: Permits to carry handguns

2c:58-4.1: Employee of armored car company; application; letter from chief executive officer

2c:58-5: Licenses to possess and carry machine guns and assault firearms

2c:58-6.1: Possession of firearms by minors; exceptions

2c:58-7: Persons possessing explosives or destructive devices to notify police

2c:58-8: Certain wounds and injuries to be reported.

2c:58-8.1: Rules, regulations.

2c:58-9: Certain convictions to be reported

2c:58-10: Incendiary or tracer ammunition

2c:58-12: Registration of assault firearms

2c:58-13: Transfer of assault firearm to another; rendering inoperable; voluntarily surrendering

2c:58-14: Annual report on assault firearms

2c:58-14.1: Voluntary surrender of certain firearm components.

2c:58-15: Minor's access to a loaded firearm; penalty, conditions

2c:58-16: Retailer's written warnings; wholesaler's warning; violation, penalty

2c:58-17: "KeepSafe" program established

2c:58-18: Report on KeepSafe program

2c:58-19: Report of loss, theft of firearm within 36 hours; violations, penalties.