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Chapter: 2 -

33:2-1: Stills and distilling apparatus registered with commissioner; powers of commissioner; definitions

33:2-2: Stills not registered declared unlawful property

33:2-3: Seizure of unregistered stills; search warrant; arrest of offenders

33:2-4: Hearing by commissioner; notice

33:2-5: Forfeiture and sale of seized property; padlocking premises

33:2-6: Director's determination in form of order; review

33:2-7: Return of seized property; costs

33:2-8: Accounting for moneys

33:2-9: Violating padlocking order; misdemeanor

33:2-10: Failure to register still; misdemeanor

33:2-11: Unregistered stills in actual operation declared nuisance; destruction