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Chapter: 1 - Legal holidays.

36:1-1: Legal holidays.

36:1-1.1: Saturdays public holidays

36:1-1.2: Legal holiday on Saturday; preceding Friday deemed to be holiday.

36:1-2: Transaction of business on holidays

36:1-3: Sales of real and personal property on designated holidays

36:1-4: Transactions by certain financial institutions after 12 o'clock noon on Saturdays and public holidays

36:1-5: Mother's day

36:1-6: Father's day

36:1-8: Volunteer Fireman's day

36:1-9: Volunteer first aid and rescue squad day

36:1-10: Legislative findings and declaration

36:1-11: Lidice memorial day; designation

36:1-12: Findings, declarations relative to Kristallnacht

36:1-13: Kristallnacht Memorial Night designated