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Chapter: 1 - Certain marriages or civil unions prohibited.

37:1-1: Certain marriages or civil unions prohibited.

37:1-2: Necessity of marriage or civil union license; "licensing officer" defined.

37:1-3: Where marriage or civil union license to be obtained.

37:1-4: Issuance of marriage or civil union license, emergencies, validity.

37:1-6: Consent for minors; requirements.

37:1-7: Issuing of license; remarriage or reaffirming a civil union.

37:1-8: Testimony under oath by applicants as to legality of proposed marriage or civil union; witnesses; perjury.

37:1-9: When issuance of license prohibited

37:1-10: Common law and other marriages without license; validity

37:1-11: Illegal issuance of license a disorderly persons offense.

37:1-12: Fees; disposition in cities of first class.

37:1-12.1: Additional fee.

37:1-12.2: Trust fund to aid victims of domestic violence.

37:1-12.3: Rules and regulations

37:1-13: Authorization to solemnize marriages and civil unions.

37:1-13.1: Marriages solemnized by municipal magistrate or magistrate of municipal court; validation

37:1-13.2: Marriages solemnized by judge of court of record; validation

37:1-14: Certain marriages validated

37:1-15: Solemnizing without presentation of license; disorderly persons offense.

37:1-16: Interrogation of applicants under oath; perjury.

37:1-17: Marriage or civil union license; information provided.

37:1-17.1: License and certificate of marriage or civil union; transmittal.

37:1-17.2: Delayed reports; filing; contents; affidavits; evidence.

37:1-17.3: Entry into marriage, civil union by proxy under certain conditions.

37:1-18: Penalty for false certificate.

37:1-19: Penalty; how recovered.

37:1-27: Tests; information; distribution by issuer of marriage or civil union licenses.

37:1-28: Findings, declarations concerning civil unions.

37:1-29: Definitions relative to civil unions.

37:1-30: Requirements to establish a civil union.

37:1-31: Legal benefits, protections, responsibilities of civil union couples equal to those of married couples.

37:1-32: Legal benefits, protections, responsibilities of spouses which apply in like manner to civil union couples; list not exclusive.

37:1-33: References to marital or spousal relationships to include civil unions.

37:1-34: Validity of civil unions entered into in foreign jurisdictions.

37:1-35: Rules and regulations; guidance on replying to form questions.

37:1-36: New Jersey Civil Union Review Commission, establishment; membership; duties; reports; expiration.