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Chapter: 23B - Purpose of act

38:23B-1: Purpose of act

38:23B-2: Veterans loan authority

38:23B-3: Powers

38:23B-4: Capitalization

38:23B-5: Veterans guaranteed loan fund

38:23B-6: Authority to make loans under act

38:23B-7: "Veteran" defined; "national emergency" defined

38:23B-8: Application for loan; time limit; minor veterans eligible for loans

38:23B-9: Approval of application for business loan

38:23B-9.1: Approval of application for loan to purchase household furnishings

38:23B-10: Effect of approval

38:23B-11: Bank making loan to co-operate with commissioner

38:23B-12: Terms of business loan

38:23B-12.1: Terms of loan for purchase of household furnishings

38:23B-13: Cost of loan

38:23B-14: Extension of loan

38:23B-14.1: Insurance or guaranty; election by bank

38:23B-14.2: Notice of election by bank as to guarantee or insurance of loan

38:23B-14.2a: Further election by bank

38:23B-14.3: Reserve fund to be set aside where bank elects to have loans insured; defaults

38:23B-14.4: Guaranteed loans; purchase of notes on default

38:23B-14.4a: Total reserve funds

38:23B-14.5: Limit on amount of guaranty and insurance liability outstanding

38:23B-14.6: Payments by bank to authority for guaranty or insurance

38:23B-14.7: Repeal

38:23B-16: Liquidation of notes purchased; deferred payments

38:23B-17: Business counsellors

38:23B-18: Duties of counsellors

38:23B-19: Second loans

38:23B-19.1: Second loans to veterans serving during national emergency

38:23B-20: Offenses and penalties

38:23B-21: Name of act

38:23B-22: Effective date

38:23B-22.1: Veterans Loan Authority; powers

38:23B-22.2: Transfer of powers and duties of Veterans' Loan Authority to State Department of Law and Public Safety

38:23B-23: Loans to minor veterans