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Chapter: 23C - Policy

38:23C-1: Policy

38:23C-2: Definitions

38:23C-3: Sureties, guarantors, endorsers on obligation; stay of performance of enforcement; vacation of judgment or decree; waiver

38:23C-4: Default in appearance; affidavit; bond to indemnify defendant

38:23C-5: False affidavits; perjury

38:23C-6: Appointment of attorney for party in military service

38:23C-7: Opening judgment rendered while person in military service

38:23C-8: Stay of proceedings

38:23C-9: Fines and penalties; relief from enforcement

38:23C-10: Stay of execution of judgment; attachment or garnishment

38:23C-11: Period of stay

38:23C-12: Limitation of actions; exclusion of period of military service

38:23C-13: Eviction or distress of spouse, children or dependents; stay; penalty

38:23C-14: Termination of leases; conditions; notice; penalty for detention of personal effects.

38:23C-15: Contract for purchase of property, recission, termination; cancellation of auto lease, due to certain military service.

38:23C-16: Application to obligations; discretion of court; foreclosure

38:23C-17: Payment of sum as condition of foreclosure, or rescission or termination of contract

38:23C-18: Collection of taxes or assessments; interest and penalties

38:23C-19: Insurance policies; nonpayment of premium

38:23C-20: Reemployment of persons after completion of military service.

38:23C-21: Transfer or acquisition of interests with intent to delay just enforcement

38:23C-22: Certificates executed by Armed Forces officers; evidence; persons in military service reported missing

38:23C-23: Application for relief on obligation or liability; hearing; form of relief

38:23C-23.1: Definitions relative to certain payments by certain persons in military service.

38:23C-24: Severability

38:23C-25: Conflict of laws

38:23C-26: Title of act