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Chapter: 25A - Poppy recognized souvenir

38:25A-1: Poppy recognized souvenir

38:25A-2: Sale of poppies to raise funds for veterans' projects.

38:25A-3: Sale restricted to veterans' organizations

38:25A-5: Approved label on poppies

38:25A-6: Municipal regulation of sale of poppies.

38:25A-7: Presumptive evidence; offense

38:25A-8: Forget-me-not as souvenir of Disabled American Veterans of World War

38:25A-9: Sale of forget-me-nots to raise funds for veterans

38:25A-10: Restriction on sale of forget-me-nots

38:25A-11: Approved label on forget-me-nots

38:25A-12: Municipal regulation of sale of forget-me-nots

38:25A-13: Presumptive evidence of intent to violate; offense

38:25A-14: Italian American War Veterans; daisy as souvenir

38:25A-15: Sale of daisy in labeled form restricted

38:25A-16: Sale of labeled artificial daisy in violation of act

38:25A-17: American Veterans of World War II, white clover as souvenir

38:25A-18: Sale of artificial white clovers, except by those authorized, forbidden

38:25A-19: Approval of label; organizations authorized to sell artificial white clovers

38:25A-20: Sale of artificial white clovers in violation of act