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Chapter: 3 - Principal department

38a:3-1: Principal department

38a:3-1a: Refer to Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs

38a:3-1.1: Findings, declarations

38a:3-1.2: Department, veteran defined

38a:3-2: Personnel of department

38a:3-2a: Divisions established

38a:3-2b: Division of Veterans' Administrative Services

38a:3-2b1: Transfer of veterans' remains

38a:3-2b2: Establishment of program to appoint guardians for certain veterans

38a:3-2b3: Duties of Adjutant General

38a:3-2b4: Unclaimed veterans' cremains, receipt by certain veterans' organization after one year.

38a:3-2b5: Drug testing required for certain employees of veterans memorial homes.

38a:3-2b6: Financial planning assistance program for disabled veterans and their caregivers.

38a:3-2c: Administrative services director.

38a:3-2d: Division of Veterans' Loans, Grants and Services

38a:3-2d1: Transfer of moneys, property

38a:3-2e: Loans, grants, services director

38a:3-2f: Division of Training, Information and Referrals

38a:3-2g: Training, information, referrals director

38a:3-2h: Salaries.

38a:3-2i: Retention of civil service rights

38a:3-2j: Short title.

38a:3-2k: Military and Defense Economic Ombudsman.

38a:3-2l: Purpose, duties of ombudsman.

38a:3-2m: Efforts to eliminate barriers to investment, growth.

38a:3-2n: Education and outreach efforts.

38a:3-2o: Annual report; rules, regulations.

38a:3-2.2: Regulations

38a:3-2.3: Application of State Agency Transfer Act

38a:3-2.4: World War II Veterans' Memorial Fund.

38a:3-2.5: Donations, grants for World War II Memorial.

38a:3-3: Adjutant General

38a:3-4.1: Administrator

38a:3-5: Deputy adjutant general.

38a:3-5.1: Assistant adjutant generals; rank

38a:3-6: Powers, duties

38a:3-6a: Criteria for designation as "veteran," "disabled veteran."

38a:3-6.1: Aid to localities in circumstances which threaten or endanger public health, safety or welfare

38a:3-6.2: Grants

38a:3-6.2a: Short title.

38a:3-6.2b: "New Jersey Homeless Veterans Grant Program."

38a:3-6.3: Definitions

38a:3-6.4: Powers of the Adjutant General

38a:3-6.4a: Definitions

38a:3-6.4b: Conditions of closing facilities, privatizing services

38a:3-6.4c: Follow-up studies relative to former residents of veterans' memorial homes.

38a:3-6.4d: Compilation of results of follow-up studies; reports.

38a:3-6.5: Application for admission to veterans' facility

38a:3-6.6: Admission of persons without sufficient financial ability to veterans' facility

38a:3-6.7: Temporary admission of disabled veteran

38a:3-6.8: Benefits to admitted persons

38a:3-6.9: Removal of member from veterans' facility

38a:3-6.10: Designation of State hospital as treatment unit for mentally ill veterans

38a:3-6.11: Requirements for admission of veteran to State treatment unit

38a:3-6.12: Funds

38a:3-6.13: Four advisory councils created

38a:3-6.14: Duties of advisory councils

38a:3-6.15: Duties of Veterans' Memorial Cemetery Advisory Council - Arneytown

38a:3-6.16: Unclaimed property

38a:3-6.17: Functions, powers, duties transferred to Adjutant General

38a:3-6.18: Reference to Adjutant General

38a:3-6.19: Adjutant General, duties

38a:3-6.20: Provision of registry of volunteer mentors, Veterans Diversion Resource Program entities.

38a:3-7: Rank and precedence

38a:3-8: Classes of personnel

38a:3-9: United States Property and Fiscal Officer

38a:3-10: Fees for services

38a:3-11: Certification of records

38a:3-12: Veterans' preference

38a:3-13: Quota; disabled veterans

38a:3-14: Employment quota preference plan

38a:3-15: Departmental approval

38a:3-16: Transfer of Council on Armed Forces and Veterans' Affairs to Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs; membership.

38a:3-17: Council members entitled to reimbursement

38a:3-18: Selection of chairman, secretary

38a:3-19: Purpose of council; responsibilities.

38a:3-20: Report to Governor, Legislature

38a:3-21: Powers of council

38a:3-22: Present members not affected

38a:3-23: Free tuition for dependent of prisoner of war, person missing in action; terms defined.

38a:3-24: Definitions applicable to sections 4 through 11.

38a:3-25: Full-time course equivalents established.

38a:3-26: Tuition credit for eligible veterans.

38a:3-27: Schedule for tuition credit to eligible veteran.

38a:3-28: Amount of benefits.

38a:3-28.1: Provision of certain information to surviving beneficiary of deceased service member.

38a:3-29: Reimbursement for tuition credit.

38a:3-30: Benefits not considered income to determine financial need.

38a:3-31: Apportionment of benefits.

38a:3-32: Definitions applicable to sections 12 through 16.

38a:3-33: Tuition assistance for Vietnam veterans.

38a:3-34: Allowable benefit amount for Vietnam veteran.

38a:3-35: Granting of tuition award after other sources of aid.

38a:3-36: Eligibility for program.

38a:3-37: Rules, regulations.

38a:3-38: Commission on Women Veterans.

38a:3-39: Membership of commission; terms; vacancies.

38a:3-40: Reimbursement of members.

38a:3-41: Organization, officers.

38a:3-42: Meetings, hearings.

38a:3-43: Public hearings.

38a:3-44: Assistance, services available to commission.

38a:3-45: Reports to Governor, Legislature, Deputy Commissioner.

38a:3-46: Website to provide access to information about institutions of higher education for veterans.

38a:3-46a: Registry of organizations providing services to military veterans.

38a:3-47: Veterans Haven Council.

38a:3-48: Duties of Veterans Haven Council.

38a:3-49: Assistance for travel for certain veterans.

38a:3-50: Online historic tour identifying locations of war battles, places of historic military significance.

38a:3-51: Findings, declarations relative to a Gold Star Family Counseling program.

38a:3-52: Definitions relative to a Gold Star Family Counseling program.

38a:3-53: "Gold Star Family Counseling Program."

38a:3-54: Immunity from civil liability.

38a:3-55: Grants for development, implementation.

38a:3-56: New Jersey Commission on Veterans' Benefits.

38a:3-57: Duties of commissioner.

38a:3-58: Strategic plan, reports.