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Chapter: 10 - Power to insure

40a:10-1: Power to insure

40a:10-1.1: "Local unit" for purposes of Article 1, chapter 10 of Title 40A

40a:10-2: Providing insurance for certain volunteer organizations

40a:10-3: Insurance for operators

40a:10-4: Liability for failure to insure

40a:10-5: Operator to give prompt notice of claim or demand

40a:10-6: Establishment of insurance fund; purposes; appropriations.

40a:10-6.1: "Local unit" for purposes of Article 3, chapter 10 of Title 40A

40a:10-7: Maximum and minimum amount of fund

40a:10-8: Insurance fund commissioners; secretary; appointment; term; compensation; vacancies

40a:10-9: Organization of commissioners

40a:10-10: Powers and authority of the commissioners

40a:10-11: Sinking fund commissioners may act as insurance fund commissioners

40a:10-12: Payment of workers' compensation

40a:10-12.1: "Local unit" for purposes of Article 4, chapter 10 of Title 40A

40a:10-13: Workers' compensation insurance fund

40a:10-14: Annual appropriation to fund

40a:10-15: Discontinuance of fund

40a:10-16: Definitions.

40a:10-17: Contracts for group insurance, individual retirement annuity programs or individual retirement accounts

40a:10-17.1: County, municipal, contracting unit employee permitted to waive healthcare coverage.

40a:10-18: Exclusions from coverage

40a:10-19: Limitations, exclusions, exceptions to be contained in contract

40a:10-20: Discontinuance of coverage; exception

40a:10-21: Payment of premiums; deduction of employee contributions.

40a:10-21.1: Contributions of employees of local unit, agency toward health care benefits.

40a:10-21.2: Negotiations for next collective agreement.

40a:10-22: Continuance of coverage after retirement

40a:10-23: Payments of premiums after retirement.

40a:10-23.1: Payments by county of second class for benefits for certain retirees

40a:10-23.2: Liability of certain townships for health benefits for certain retirees

40a:10-23.3: Payment of health benefit premiums for certain local government retirees

40a:10-23.4: Paid health benefits for certain local government retirees.

40a:10-23.5: Establishment of cafeteria plan for health benefits by local unit.

40a:10-24: Summary of coverage cost to be furnished employer

40a:10-25: Filing copy of contract with State Employees Health Benefit Commission; report to Governor and Legislature

40a:10-26: Group life insurance plans

40a:10-27: Other group insurance plans

40a:10-28: Eligibility

40a:10-29: Group life insurance plans.

40a:10-30: Other group insurance plans

40a:10-31: Eligibility

40a:10-32: Coverage for members of Junior Firemen's Auxiliary

40a:10-33: Group life insurance

40a:10-34: Eligibility

40a:10-34.1: Contract; coverage.

40a:10-34.2: Premiums or charges; employee contribution; retired employees

40a:10-34.3: Retired employees with 25 years or more service; premiums

40a:10-35: Statutes repealed

40a:10-36: Joint insurance fund; definitions.

40a:10-36.1: "Local unit" for purposes of C.40A:10-36 et seq.

40a:10-36.2: Establishment of joint insurance revolving fund, use of appropriated moneys

40a:10-36.3: Definitions relative to non-profit housing entities and joint insurance funds.

40a:10-37: Insurance fund commissioners; appointment, terms, compensation

40a:10-38: Powers, authority

40a:10-38.1: Commissioners; additional powers, environmental insurance

40a:10-38.2: Definitions

40a:10-38.3: Bylaws, plan of risk management; filing proof of approval

40a:10-38.4: Issuance of bonds; adoption of bond resolution

40a:10-38.5: Bonds

40a:10-38.6: Sale of bonds

40a:10-38.7: Bond resolution adoption; publication

40a:10-38.8: Negotiability of bonds

40a:10-38.9: Payment of bonds; powers of joint insurance fund

40a:10-38.10: Appointment of trustee, duties, powers, fees

40a:10-38.11: Appointment of receiver

40a:10-38.12: Immunity of commissioners; nonliability of State

40a:10-38.13: Insurance producers

40a:10-38.14: Joint insurance fund to maintain Internet website; contents.

40a:10-38.15: Claims experience information provided by joint insurance fund.

40a:10-39: Bylaws for joint insurance fund

40a:10-40: Plan of risk management

40a:10-40.1: Participation in joint cash management and investment program.

40a:10-41: Approval of bylaws and plan of risk management

40a:10-42: Provision of insurance coverage after approval

40a:10-43: Commissioners may amend bylaws, approval by Commissioner of Insurance

40a:10-44: Suspension, termination, assumption of control or other action by Commissioner; grounds

40a:10-45: Filing of agreements or contracts

40a:10-46: Annual audit; submission of copies

40a:10-47: Examinations of funds by commissioner of insurance; payment of expenses

40a:10-48: Joint insurance fund not insurance company or insurer and activities not transaction of insurance nor doing insurance business; inapplicability of ins

40a:10-49: Rules and regulations

40a:10-50: "Local unit" includes county vocational school

40a:10-51: "Local unit" includes county college

40a:10-52: Joint insurance for municipality, school district.

40a:10-53: Joint insurance for municipality, all purpose regional, consolidated school district.

40a:10-54: Joint insurance for municipality, limited purpose regional school district.

40a:10-55: Additional joint insurance for municipality, limited purpose regional school district, other district.

40a:10-56: Joint insurance for municipality, county vocational school district.

40a:10-57: Additional joint insurance for municipality, county vocational school district, other district.

40a:10-58: Contracts for insurance