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Chapter: 11 -

40a:11-1: Short title; citation

40a:11-2: Definitions.

40a:11-2.1: Civil action brought on behalf of local contracting unit.

40a:11-3: Bid threshold; period of contracts.

40a:11-4: Contracts required to be advertised, disqualification of bidder.

40a:11-4.1: Purposes for which competitive contracting may be used by local units.

40a:11-4.2: Term of contract; exceptions.

40a:11-4.3: Competitive contracting process; resolution, administration.

40a:11-4.4: Request for proposals; documentation; provisions.

40a:11-4.5: Competitive contracting proposal solicitation.

40a:11-4.6: Implementation of energy savings improvement program by contracting unit; definitions.

40a:11-5: Exceptions.

40a:11-5.1: Authority of city of first class to contract for water supply, wastewater treatment services

40a:11-5.2: Applicability of C.40A:11-1 et seq. to certain contracts by city of first class.

40a:11-6: Emergency contracts.

40a:11-6.1: Award of contracts.

40a:11-7: Contracts not to be divided.

40a:11-7.1: Rules concerning determinations of aggregation.

40a:11-8: Bids for provision or performance of goods or services.

40a:11-9: Designation of contracting unit's purchasing agent, authority, responsibility, accountability; qualifications.

40a:11-9a: Current purchasing agent, lower bid threshold.

40a:11-9.1: List of sources for green product purchasing.

40a:11-10: Joint agreements for provision and performance of goods and services; cooperative marketing; authorization.

40a:11-11: Additional matters regarding contracts for the provision and performance of goods and services.

40a:11-12: Contracting unit purchases through State agency; procedure.

40a:11-13: Specifications.

40a:11-13.1: Payment from bequest, legacy or gift; conditions.

40a:11-13.2: Rejection of bids; reasons.

40a:11-14: Form of contracts.

40a:11-15: Duration of certain contracts.

40a:11-15.1: Insurance contract to fund actuarial liability

40a:11-15.2: Contracts for purchase of electricity for new county correction facility

40a:11-15.3: Contract for marketing of recyclable materials.

40a:11-16: Separate plans, specifications for work on public building; contracts.

40a:11-16.1: $100,000 contracts for improvements to real property; retainage, security

40a:11-16.2: Partial payments; deposit bonds.

40a:11-16.3: Withholding of payments.

40a:11-16.4: Partial payments for materials.

40a:11-16.5: Renegotiation of contract to reflect increase in solid waste disposal costs

40a:11-16.6: Definitions relative to value engineering change orders; requirement for certain contracts.

40a:11-16.7: Changed conditions clauses for certain local public contracts.

40a:11-16.8: Rules, regulations.

40a:11-17: Number of working days specified

40a:11-18: American goods and products to be used where possible

40a:11-19: Liquidated damages; void provisions as to contractor's remedies

40a:11-20: Certificate of bidder showing ability to perform contract

40a:11-21: Guarantee to be furnished with bid.

40a:11-22: Surety company certificate.

40a:11-23: Advertisements for bids; bids; general requirements.

40a:11-23.1: Plans, specifications, bid proposal documents; required contents.

40a:11-23.1a: Approval of change order under certain circumstances.

40a:11-23.2: Mandatory items for bid plans, specifications.

40a:11-23.3: Withdrawal of public works bid.

40a:11-23.4: "Bulletin NJ."

40a:11-23.5: Rules, regulations.

40a:11-24: Time for making awards; deposits returned

40a:11-25: General power to provide qualification for bidders.

40a:11-26: Standard questionnaire; effect of unsatisfactory answers.

40a:11-27: Standard statements and questionnaires; prospective bidders; responses.

40a:11-28: Classification of prospective bidders; notice.

40a:11-29: Reclassification of prospective bidders; request for; time limit.

40a:11-30: Board of review upon classification; membership, et cetera

40a:11-31: Reconsideration by board of review; request for; time limit.

40a:11-32: Rejection of bids after qualification of bidder; hearing.

40a:11-33: Forfeiture of deposit in certain cases

40a:11-34: Penalties for false statements

40a:11-35: Indemnity agreements; Federal projects for benefit of municipality

40a:11-36: Sale or other disposition of personal property.

40a:11-37: Division of Local Government Services to assist contracting units.

40a:11-37.1: Rules.

40a:11-38: Statutes repealed

40a:11-39: Effective date

40a:11-40: Authorization to purchase specific materials at auction; procedure

40a:11-41: Definitions

40a:11-42: Set-aside programs authorized

40a:11-43: Attainment of goals

40a:11-44: "Local Public Contracts Law" applicable

40a:11-45: Designation as set-aside

40a:11-46: Set-aside cancellation

40a:11-47: False information; penalties

40a:11-48: Annual agency report

40a:11-49: Rules, regulations

40a:11-50: Process of resolution for construction contract disputes.

40a:11-51: Limitations on awarding public contracts to entities that made political contributions; authority of local units, nonpreemption by State law.

40a:11-52: Definitions relative to public-private projects.