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Chapter: 12 -

40a:12-1: Short title

40a:12-2: Definitions

40a:12-3: Acquisition of lands and buildings

40a:12-4: Further acquisitions authorized.

40a:12-5: Additional powers

40a:12-6: Authorization to incur indebtedness and make appropriations

40a:12-7: Subsequent acquisition of outstanding interests

40a:12-8: Acquisition of interests in lieu of enforcement of claims

40a:12-9: Joint departmental acquisitions and joint use of buildings

40a:12-10: Joint purchase of lands and construction of buildings or other capital improvements for joint use

40a:12-10.1: Contracts for joint acquisition of land for recreation, conservation purposes.

40a:12-11: Early land acquisition

40a:12-12: Acquisition of property in other States; necessity for and manner of acquisition

40a:12-13: Sales of real property, capital improvements or personal property; exceptions; procedure.

40a:12-13.1: Sales of real property, capital improvements or personal property; authorization by resolution

40a:12-13.2: Sales of real property; right of first refusal of contiguous owners

40a:12-13.3: Sale of county property to municipality for public purposes

40a:12-13.4: Conveyance to county

40a:12-13.5: Sale, lease or exchange of real property of capital improvement by counties; conditions; fees

40a:12-13.6: Notice of public hearing

40a:12-13.7: Contents of notice of public hearing

40a:12-13.8: Bid acceptance by county; conditions

40a:12-13.9: Public acquisition, sale of real property, municipality, certain; authority of mayor.

40a:12-14: Leasing of county or municipal real property, capital improvements or personal property.

40a:12-14.1: Lease of certain farmland to prior lessee.

40a:12-15: Purposes for which leases for a public purpose may be made.

40a:12-15.1: Findings, declarations relative to lease, sale of certain property to nonprofits for certain purposes.

40a:12-16: Exchanges of certain lands; exceptions

40a:12-17: Application of proceeds of disposition of lands

40a:12-17.1: Lease of land for provision of water supply, wastewater treatment services in city of

40a:12-18: Federal aid

40a:12-19: Conveyance of lands for educational purposes

40a:12-20: Acquisition on behalf of another public body

40a:12-21: Private sales to certain organizations upon nominal consideration.

40a:12-21.1: Private sale of personal property authorized

40a:12-22: Establishment, maintenance of central registry.

40a:12-23: Display of flags on county and municipal buildings

40a:12-24: Rental of lands and buildings or portions thereof not needed for public use; portions of buildings; rental

40a:12-25: Use of public building by counties and municipalities

40a:12-27: Construction

40a:12-28: Saving clause

40a:12-29: Statutes repealed

40a:12-30: Effective date

40a:12-31: Short title

40a:12-32: Findings, declarations

40a:12-33: Definitions

40a:12-34: Urban homesteading program

40a:12-35: Certified list

40a:12-36: Notice; procedures

40a:12-37: Contract provisions

40a:12-38: Filing of ordinance