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Chapter: 12A -

40a:12A-1: Short title

40a:12A-2: Findings, determinations, declarations

40a:12A-3: Definitions.

40a:12A-4: Powers of municipal governing body, planning board.

40a:12A-4.1: Affordable housing units required for tax abatement, certain.

40a:12A-4.2: Guidelines for tax abatement relative to affordable housing.

40a:12A-5: Determination of need for redevelopment.

40a:12A-6: Investigation for determination as redevelopment area, public hearing.

40a:12A-7: Adoption of redevelopment plan.

40a:12A-8: Effectuation of development plan.

40a:12A-9: Agreements with redevelopers

40a:12A-10: Relocation of public utility facilities

40a:12A-11: Creation of municipal redevelopment agency

40a:12A-11.1: Findings, declarations relative to municipal redevelopment agencies; additional commissioners, certain.

40a:12A-12: Executive director of redevelopment agency.

40a:12A-13: Submission of applications

40a:12A-14: Conditions for determination of need for rehabilitation.

40a:12A-15: Implementation of redevelopment plan

40a:12A-16: Powers of municipality, county, housing authority

40a:12A-17: Creation of housing authority

40a:12A-18: Executive director of housing authority.

40a:12A-18.1: Certain qualification for employment as executive director

40a:12A-19: Management, operation of housing projects

40a:12A-20: Rules, regulations concerning admissions to housing project

40a:12A-20.1: Rules, regulations.

40a:12A-20.2: Definitions relative to affordable housing occupancy preferences.

40a:12A-21: Municipal housing authority may act as redevelopment entity

40a:12A-22: Powers of municipality, county, redevelopment agency, housing authority.

40a:12A-22.1: Definitions relative to criminal history background checks for local housing authority employees.

40a:12A-22.2: Criminal history background checks on applicants for employment with local housing authorities.

40a:12A-22.3: Information submitted by applicant; consent; cost.

40a:12A-22.4: Notification to applicant; appeal; maintenance of information.

40a:12A-23: Agencies, authorities subject to existing laws

40a:12A-24: Dissolution of redevelopment agency, housing authority

40a:12A-25: Expenditures of agency, authority

40a:12A-26: Financial reports by redevelopment entity

40a:12A-27: Oversight of governing body over redevelopment agency

40a:12A-28: No ordinance, resolution adopted by initiative, referendum

40a:12A-29: Issuance of bonds, notes

40a:12A-30: Power of redevelopment entity to issue bonds, notes.

40a:12A-31: Provisions of bond resolution

40a:12A-32: Appointment of trustee for bondholders

40a:12A-33: Appointment of receiver

40a:12A-34: Property exempt from levy, sale

40a:12A-35: Investment in bonds

40a:12A-36: Projects, properties declared public property

40a:12A-37: Municipality, county may incur indebtedness to aid housing authority, redevelopment entity

40a:12A-38: Cooperation with other public body

40a:12A-39: Powers of public body in aiding, cooperating with projects

40a:12A-40: Payment in lieu of taxes

40a:12A-41: Donations, capital grants

40a:12A-42: Creation of advisory council

40a:12A-43: Submission of annual report

40a:12A-44: Duties, authority of commissioner

40a:12A-45: Standards for course of study for executive directors.

40a:12A-46: Completion of course of study by incumbent members, executive directors

40a:12A-47: Completion by executive directors of course of study

40a:12A-48: Waiving of course requirements

40a:12A-49: Rules, regulations

40a:12A-50: Findings, declarations relative to landfill reclamation improvement districts

40a:12A-50a: "Large Site Landfill Reclamation and Improvement Law"

40a:12A-51: Definitions used in C.40A:12A-50 et seq.

40a:12A-52: Creation of landfill reclamation improvement districts permitted

40a:12A-53: Adoption of ordinance to levy, collect franchise assessment; purposes

40a:12A-53.1: Powers of municipality adopting franchise assessment ordinance

40a:12A-54: Appropriation of franchise assessments; apportionment of retained amount

40a:12A-56: Provision for tax abatement, payments in lieu of taxes; special assessments.

40a:12A-57: Application for issuance of negotiable bonds, obligations secured by payments in lieu of taxes, special assessments

40a:12A-58: Payments in lieu of taxes continuous lien; recording of ordinance; termination of lien

40a:12A-59: Payment in lieu of taxes may be secured by mortgage

40a:12A-60: Bonds exempt from taxation; exceptions

40a:12A-61: Pledge, covenant, agreement with bond holders

40a:12A-62: Severability

40a:12A-63: Bonds, notes, obligations presumed fully authorized, issued

40a:12A-64: Short title

40a:12A-65: Definitions relative to "Redevelopment Area Bond Financing Law."

40a:12A-66: Tax abatement within redevelopment area; special assessments.

40a:12A-67: Issuance of bonds by municipality.

40a:12A-68: Payments in lieu of taxes constitute municipal lien.

40a:12A-69: Payment secured by mortgage

40a:12A-70: Bonds exempt from taxation

40a:12A-71: Covenant, agreement with bondholders

40a:12A-72: Severability

40a:12A-73: Bonds presumed authorized