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Chapter: 2 -

40a:2-1: Short title

40a:2-2: Definitions

40a:2-3: Power to incur indebtedness, borrow money, issue bonds.

40a:2-3.1: Local governments, funding of animal shelter operated by nonprofit organization.

40a:2-4: Payment of obligations

40a:2-5: Authorization as appropriation

40a:2-6: Debt limitation

40a:2-7: Exceptions to debt limitation

40a:2-8.1: Issuance of bond anticipation note; rules, regulations.

40a:2-9: Interim obligations

40a:2-10: Filing of supplemental debt statement required.

40a:2-11: Down payment.

40a:2-12: Bond ordinance; contents

40a:2-13: Multipurpose bond ordinances

40a:2-14: Local improvement obligations

40a:2-15: Power to make special covenants in bond

40a:2-16: Matters not in bond ordinance

40a:2-17: Adoption of bond ordinance, procedures.

40a:2-18: Bond ordinance, effective date.

40a:2-19: Publications

40a:2-20: Expenses included in cost

40a:2-21: Minimum period of usefulness

40a:2-22: Maximum bond terms.

40a:2-22.1: Request for determination of period of usefulness.

40a:2-24: Form of obligations

40a:2-24.1: Submission of financial cost estimate for projects not funded by trust.

40a:2-25: Execution and delivery of obligations

40a:2-26: Maturities of bonds.

40a:2-27: Sale of bonds, methods.

40a:2-28: Sale of bond anticipation notes or capital notes

40a:2-29: Minimum price for obligations.

40a:2-30: Advertisement of public sale of bonds.

40a:2-31: Contents of notice.

40a:2-32: Sale of bonds; bidding requirements.

40a:2-33: Sale of bonds at 1 time or in installments

40a:2-34: Power of financial officer to sell bonds

40a:2-35: Conversion, reconversion and reissuance of bonds

40a:2-36: Lost, destroyed or defaced obligations

40a:2-37: Contracts to be financed by obligations

40a:2-38: Prohibited agreements

40a:2-38.1: Attorneys; compensation; services on issuance of bonds

40a:2-39: Application of proceeds

40a:2-40: Annual debt statement

40a:2-41: Contents of annual debt statement

40a:2-42: Supplemental debt statement

40a:2-43: Gross debt

40a:2-44: Deductions from gross debts

40a:2-45: Self-liquidating purposes.

40a:2-46: Self-liquidating purposes during construction

40a:2-47: Self-liquidating improvements and extensions

40a:2-48: Self-liquidating utility deficits

40a:2-49: Conclusiveness of authorization of obligations

40a:2-50: Conclusiveness of validity of obligations

40a:2-51: Issuance of refunding bonds.

40a:2-51.1: Issuance of refunding bonds

40a:2-51.2: Local unit authorized to issue bonds

40a:2-51.3: Issuance of refunding bonds by local government entity for certain ERI liabilities.

40a:2-52: Authorization of refunding bonds.

40a:2-53: Contents of refunding bond ordinance

40a:2-54: Special refunding program

40a:2-55: Filing and effective date of refunding bond ordinance

40a:2-56: Powers of local government board

40a:2-57: Standards for action by local government board

40a:2-58: Details of refunding bonds

40a:2-59: Sale of refunding bonds

40a:2-60: Sinking or reserve fund; disposition; deposits; investment

40a:2-61: Validity of obligations

40a:2-62: Debt service reserve fund

40a:2-63: Application of chapter

40a:2-64: Effect of amendatory act upon bond ordinance and bonds or notes authorized thereunder