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Chapter: 20 -

40a:20-1: Short title

40a:20-2: Findings, declarations.

40a:20-3: Definitions.

40a:20-4: Municipal agreements for projects under a redevelopment plan

40a:20-5: Urban renewal entities, qualification; provisions.

40a:20-5.1: Urban renewal entity; qualification

40a:20-6: Necessary powers of urban renewal entities

40a:20-7: Additional powers of urban renewal entities

40a:20-8: Application required, form, contents

40a:20-9: Financial agreement for approved projects, form and contents of contract.

40a:20-10: Provisions for transfer or sale.

40a:20-11: Municipal determinations as to tax exemptions and service charges

40a:20-12: Tax exemption, duration; annual service charges.

40a:20-12.1: Nonapplicability of certain annual service charges

40a:20-13: Termination of tax exemption.

40a:20-13.1: Tax exemption

40a:20-14: Conveyed condominium units, tax exemption, conditions

40a:20-15: Excess profits of a limited dividend entity.

40a:20-16: Net profits of a nonprofit entity

40a:20-16.1: Payment of net profits to municipality; condition

40a:20-17: Sale of land to an urban renewal entity

40a:20-18: Housing project in financial difficulty, financial plan

40a:20-19: Construction of act in place of repealed statutory entities

40a:20-20: Rules

40a:20-21: Severability.

40a:20-22: Tax exemptions approved pursuant to C.40A:20-1 et seq. ratified and validated.