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Chapter: 27 -

40a:27-1: Short title

40a:27-2: Purposes

40a:27-3: Definitions

40a:27-4: Finding of need for acquisition, construction, financing, improvement, maintenance and operation of flood control facility by local unit; notice to af

40a:27-5: Adoption of resolution or ordinance

40a:27-6: Powers of local unit

40a:27-7: Surveys, investigations, studies, plans, etc.; payment of costs

40a:27-8: Restoration or compensation to owners of damaged or destroyed property

40a:27-9: Authorization to issue bonds; purpose

40a:27-10: Finding of need for financing cost of construction of flood control facilities by local improvement assessments; procedures; notice of intention; publ

40a:27-11: Adoption of resolution or ordinance

40a:27-12: Assessments on lands specially benefited; procedures; notice

40a:27-13: Payment of assessment in installments by owner of assessed real estate

40a:27-14: Sale of property by local unit for arrearages in assessments, interest or other charges

40a:27-15: Contracts with other local units for provision of flood control facilities, etc.

40a:27-16: Issuance of bonds to pay costs of provision of flood control facilities; payment of costs in annual installments, etc.

40a:27-17: Powers of local unit re contract with another local unit

40a:27-18: Investments; exemption from taxation

40a:27-19: Payments by contracting local unit; default; interest

40a:27-20: Construction of chapter

40a:27-21: Continuation of county and municipal obligations

40a:27-22: Statutes repealed