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Chapter: 3 -

40a:3-1: Short title

40a:3-2: Findings, declarations

40a:3-3: Definitions

40a:3-4: Issuance of qualified bonds

40a:3-5: Recitals in bonds; method of authorization and issue; provisions for protection of bondholders

40a:3-6: Bond anticipation notes

40a:3-7: Certification of name and address of paying agent, maturity schedule, interest rate and dates of payment to State Treasurer; withholding certain amoun

40a:3-8: Payment of principal and interest due on qualified bonds; payment of operating expenses

40a:3-9: Application to projects commenced prior to effective date of act

40a:3-10: Severability

40a:3-11: Issuance of qualified bonds under ordinances not in compliance with act if in compliance prior to issuance or to refund outstanding bonds