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Chapter: 31 -

40a:31-1: Short title

40a:31-2: Legislative purpose

40a:31-3: Definitions

40a:31-4: Acquisition, construction or operation of water supply facilities by one or more local units

40a:31-5: Powers.

40a:31-6: Surveys, maps and other costs; reimbursement from bond funds

40a:31-7: Property damaged; repair, restoration or compensation

40a:31-8: Relocation of public utility property

40a:31-9: Bonds and security therefor

40a:31-10: Rates, rentals, and other charges for water supply services.

40a:31-10.1: Establishment of rates or schedules of water supply services for senior citizens, disabled

40a:31-11: Connection fees

40a:31-11.1: Additional fees for municipally-operated water supply system.

40a:31-11.2: Credit toward connection, tapping fee for certain water supply facilities.

40a:31-11.3: Reduction in fees for locally-run water supply facility.

40a:31-12: Rates, rentals, connection fees or other charges as lien on real property; discontinuance of service

40a:31-13: Improvements financed by means of local improvement assessments

40a:31-14: Local improvement assessments; procedures for and manner of assessment and collection

40a:31-15: Bonds issued by one or more units; debt service payments

40a:31-16: Water facilities deemed a self-liquidating purpose under certain circumstances

40a:31-17: Payments by local unit to another local unit

40a:31-18: Contracts entered into prior to appropriations therefor

40a:31-19: Right of entry onto private property to make surveys and investigations; interference therewith

40a:31-20: Payments owing by private water companies

40a:31-21: Municipal extension to water supply facilities of a public utility; financing of the extension; and its sale or lease

40a:31-22: Bonds as legal investments

40a:31-23: Nonimpairment of obligations for provision of water supply services, facilities; BPU jurisdiction.

40a:31-24: Statutes repealed