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Chapter: 5 -

40a:5-1: Short title

40a:5-2: Definitions

40a:5-3: Fiscal year

40a:5-4: Annual audit required; extensions

40a:5-5: Scope of audit

40a:5-6: Report of audit

40a:5-7: Publication of report and recommendations

40a:5-8: Audit by director

40a:5-9: Audit by registered municipal accountant

40a:5-10: Revocation or cancellation of license

40a:5-11: Advertising for bids unnecessary

40a:5-12: Annual financial statement and reports of local unit

40a:5-13: Annual financial statements by boards, committees and commissions of a local unit

40a:5-14: Adoption of cash management plan.

40a:5-14.1: Rules and regulations

40a:5-14.2: Findings, declarations relative to investment of certain municipal funds.

40a:5-14.3: Plan for conducting certain transactions involving real property in certain municipalities.

40a:5-14.4: Application for approval of plan relative to disposition of certain assets.

40a:5-14.5: Dedicated trust fund, investment oversight board.

40a:5-14.6: Duties of investment oversight board.

40a:5-14.7: Responsibilities of investment oversight board relative to reports.

40a:5-14.8: Annual audit of dedicated trust funds.

40a:5-14.9: Rules, regulations.

40a:5-14.10: Effective date.

40a:5-15: Deposit of funds paid to the local unit

40a:5-15.1: Securities which may be purchased by local units

40a:5-15.2: Record and report of securities received

40a:5-15.3: Securities of local unit purchased by it not to be canceled; sale thereafter

40a:5-16: Local unit, requirements for paying out moneys.

40a:5-16.1: Advances for expenses of authorized official travel; resolution; verification; repayment of excess

40a:5-16.2: Payment of advance to nonprofit organization or agency with which local unit has service contract; resolution; conditions

40a:5-16.3: Payment in advance

40a:5-16.4: Issuance, acceptance of purchase order for license or permit fee

40a:5-16.5: Certain government entities authorized to adopt policies for payment of claims electronically; definitions.

40a:5-17: Approval and payment of claims and required general books of account

40a:5-17.1: Refund, delinquency of less than $10.00

40a:5-18: Public recording of approved claims

40a:5-19: Payment of salaries and wages

40a:5-20: Officers to deliver funds and records when term expires

40a:5-21: Petty cash fund of local unit

40a:5-22: Investigation of expenditures of local unit

40a:5-23: Costs, taxation and payment bond

40a:5-24: Filing and publication of report of investigation

40a:5-25: Attorney of local unit may appear on its behalf

40a:5-26: Subpoenas and testimony of witnesses

40a:5-27: Witness fees and mileage taxed as costs

40a:5-28: Duty of officers and employees of local unit

40a:5-29: Acceptance of bequests, legacies, gifts

40a:5-30: Acceptance of Federal grants

40a:5-30.1: Findings, declarations relative to the "1033 program."

40a:5-30.2: Approval of application for enrollment in program.

40a:5-31: Award programs for local units

40a:5-32: Reimbursement

40a:5-33: Oath taken before assuming office

40a:5-34: Bonds of officials and employees

40a:5-34.1: Blanket bond coverage provided for certain county, municipal officers, employees; evidence.

40a:5-35: Recording of bonds

40a:5-36: Protection to be afforded by bond.

40a:5-37: Condition of bond broken

40a:5-38: Rules and regulations.

40a:5-39: Fixing of bond in excess of minimum amount.

40a:5-41: Classification system for purpose of determining amount of bond; minimum amount

40a:5-42: Purchase and retirement of outstanding bonds; procedure; duties of Local Finance Board

40a:5-43: Short title

40a:5-44: Definitions relative to card or other electronic based payments

40a:5-45: Electronic payment systems established by resolution of governing body

40a:5-46: Service charges; collection, assessment

40a:5-47: Rules, regulations

40a:5-48: "User-friendly," plain language budget summary forms.

40a:5-49: Public meeting when resolution proposed to establish, modify employee compensation.

40a:5-50: Rules, regulations.