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Chapter: 5A -

40a:5A-1: Short title

40a:5A-2: Legislative findings and declarations

40a:5A-3: Definitions

40a:5A-4: Local authorities; creation; application for approval

40a:5A-5: Approval or disapproval of application

40a:5A-6: Review of financing

40a:5A-6.1: Financing cost estimate submitted by authority.

40a:5A-7: Hearings; findings

40a:5A-8: Recommendations

40a:5A-9: Authorization for local units to incur indebtedness and issue obligations

40a:5A-10: Submission of budget

40a:5A-11: Approval of budget

40a:5A-11.1: "Local authority."

40a:5A-12: Funding of deficit

40a:5A-12.1: Local authorities, certain, appropriation, transfer of surplus funds to local units.

40a:5A-13: Authority temporary funding notes

40a:5A-14: Deficit funding notes

40a:5A-15: Annual audit

40a:5A-16: Synopsis of audit; publication

40a:5A-17: Certification of review of audit

40a:5A-17.1: Authority, certain, maintenance of Internet website, webpage; contents.

40a:5A-18: Financial difficulty of authority; hearing; audit or investigation

40a:5A-19: Order implementing financial plan to alleviate financial difficulties

40a:5A-20: Dissolution of authority by local unit

40a:5A-21: Ordering of dissolution

40a:5A-22: Papers connected with, used or filed with authority considered public records

40a:5A-23: Examination of accounts and books by state auditor

40a:5A-24: Temporary obligations

40a:5A-25: Increases in charges of utility when faced with financial difficulties; hearing

40a:5A-26: Rules and regulations; inapplicability of act to powers of local finance board under P.L.1947, c. 151

40a:5A-27: Actions to be consistent with bond resolution, service contract