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Chapter: 65 -

40a:65-1: Short title.

40a:65-2: Findings, declarations relative to shared services and consolidation.

40a:65-3: Definitions relative to shared services and consolidation.

40a:65-4: Agreements for shared services.

40a:65-4.1: Short title.

40a:65-4.2: Definitions relative to shared services agreements; pilot program established.

40a:65-5: Adoption of resolution to enter into agreement.

40a:65-6: Local units sharing services, designation of primary employer; rules, regulations.

40a:65-7: Specific services delineated in agreement; conditions.

40a:65-8: Preservation of seniority, tenure, pension rights for law enforcement officers.

40a:65-9: Awarding of public contracts.

40a:65-10: Approval of award of contract.

40a:65-11: Employment reconciliation plan included in agreement; conditions.

40a:65-12: Provision of technical advice by Public Employment Relations Commission.

40a:65-13: Construction of power to share services.

40a:65-14: Joint contract for joint meeting for public services.

40a:65-15: Joint meeting deemed public body corporate and politic; powers.

40a:65-16: Provisions of joint contract.

40a:65-17: Preservation of seniority, tenure, pension rights of law enforcement officers.

40a:65-18: Applicability of terms of existing labor contracts.

40a:65-19: Employment reconciliation plan; provisions.

40a:65-20: Constitution, appointment of management committee.

40a:65-21: Apportionment of operating costs by management committee.

40a:65-22: Certification of costs and expenses by management committee.

40a:65-23: Termination of joint contract.

40a:65-24: Existing joint meeting, public school jointure unaffected.

40a:65-25: Findings, declarations relative to municipal consolidation.

40a:65-26: Required information included in Municipal Consolidation Study Commission reports.

40a:65-27: Creation of task force to facilitate consolidation.

40a:65-28: Equalization of property assessments for apportionment of taxes.

40a:65-29: Construction of law on consolidation appeals.

40a:65-30: "Sharing Available Resources Efficiently" (SHARE) program established.

40a:65-31: "Sharing Available Resources Efficiently" account.

40a:65-32: Adoption of resolution authorizing certain referenda for citizen's commission.

40a:65-33: Existing agreements, contracts continued.

40a:65-34: PERC rules, regulations, fee schedule, grievances, appeals.

40a:65-35: Repealer.