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Chapter: 66 -

40a:66-1: Short title.

40a:66-10: Powers upon adoption of bond resolution.

40a:66-11: Sale of bonds.

40a:66-12: Filing of copy of bond resolution for public inspection, publication.

40a:66-13: Bond, obligation, coupon fully negotiable.

40a:66-14: No liability for bonds, obligations, certain.

40a:66-16: Trustee to represent bond holders; powers.

40a:66-17: Appointment of receiver.

40a:66-18: Guaranty of bonds.

40a:66-19: Wholesale power supply contract.

40a:66-2: Findings, declarations relative to municipal shared services energy authority.

40a:66-20: Compliance.

40a:66-21: Exemption from levy, sale.

40a:66-22: Investment of funds.

40a:66-23: Public property; tax exemption.

40a:66-24: Pledge, covenant with bond holders.

40a:66-25: Payment of funds to authority.

40a:66-26: Annual audit.

40a:66-27: Filing of copy of bond resolution.

40a:66-28: Certain municipal powers unaffected.

40a:66-3: Definitions relative to municipal shared services energy authority.

40a:66-4: "Municipal shared services energy authority."

40a:66-5: Provision of inter-municipal agreement.

40a:66-6: Construction of act.

40a:66-7: Certain interest in contracts prohibited.

40a:66-8: Municipal shared services energy authority to be public body politic and corporate; powers.

40a:66-9: Issuance of bonds.