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Chapter: 1A -

42:1A-1: Short title

42:1A-2: Definitions relative to partnerships

42:1A-3: Explanation of knowledge, notice; giving, receiving notice

42:1A-4: Agreement governing partners, partnership; prohibited terms

42:1A-5: Principles of law and equity applicable; rate of interest determined

42:1A-6: Statements filed in the Division of Commercial Recording; effects, fees

42:1A-7: Law governing relations among partners, between partners and partnership

42:1A-8: Partnership governed by this act and its amendments

42:1A-9: Entity as partnership; limited partnership

42:1A-10: Formation of partnership; rules for determining formation

42:1A-11: Property of the partnership

42:1A-12: Acquisition of partnership property; presumptions

42:1A-13: Partner considered agent of partnership; limitation

42:1A-14: Transfer of partnership property

42:1A-15: Statement of partnership authority; filing

42:1A-16: Statement of denial; limitation on authority

42:1A-17: Partnership liable for loss, injury

42:1A-18: Partnership obligations; liability of partners

42:1A-19: Suits, actions by or against partnership; satisfaction of judgments

42:1A-20: Partnership by representation; liability

42:1A-21: Rights and duties of partners

42:1A-22: Distributions in kind

42:1A-23: Books, records; rendering of information

42:1A-24: Fiduciary duties

42:1A-25: Legal actions

42:1A-26: Continuation of partnership beyond term or undertaking

42:1A-27: Partner not co-owner

42:1A-28: Transferable interest of partner

42:1A-29: Transfer of partner's interest

42:1A-30: Orders charging transferable interests; effects

42:1A-31: Dissociation from partnership; events causing

42:1A-32: Dissociation of partners; wrongful conditions

42:1A-33: Dissociation; effects on partnership, partner

42:1A-34: Dissociation not resulting in dissolution; buyout; damages

42:1A-35: Partnership bound by act of dissociated partner; conditions; liability

42:1A-36: Dissociated partner's liability

42:1A-37: Statement of dissociation

42:1A-38: Continued use of name relative to liability

42:1A-39: Dissolution of partnership; winding up, event causing

42:1A-40: Dissolution, continuation for purpose of winding up

42:1A-41: Postdissolution, rights, duties on winding up

42:1A-42: Partner's act after dissolution

42:1A-43: Statement of dissolution, effects of filing

42:1A-44: Liability after dissolution

42:1A-45: Rights of partners to application of partnership assets; settlement of accounts

42:1A-46: Other business entity; merger or consolidation; effect of certificate

42:1A-47: Limited liability partnership; qualification as

42:1A-48: Name of limited liability partnership

42:1A-49: Annual report; filing

42:1A-50: Foreign limited liability partnership; law governing, effect in this State

42:1A-51: Statement of foreign qualification; filing

42:1A-52: Foreign qualification required; effects of failure

42:1A-53: Activities not considered transacting business

42:1A-54: Restraint of foreign limited liability partnership

42:1A-55: Applicability, construction of act

42:1A-56: No retroactive effects