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Chapter: 2A -

42:2A-1: Short title.

42:2A-2: Rules of construction

42:2A-3: When Uniform Partnership Law applicable

42:2A-4: Existing limited partnerships brought under this chapter

42:2A-5: Definitions relative to limited partnerships.

42:2A-6: Name of limited partnership.

42:2A-6.1: Use of name other than actual limited partnership name

42:2A-7: Reservation of name

42:2A-8: Registered office and registered agent

42:2A-8.1: Change of registered office or agent

42:2A-8.2: Resignation of registered agent

42:2A-9: Records to be kept and maintained at the principal office

42:2A-10: What business authorized

42:2A-11: Business transactions of partner with partnership

42:2A-12: Nature of partnership interest

42:2A-13: County clerk to transmit documents to Secretary of State

42:2A-14: Certificate of limited partnership

42:2A-14.1: Certificates of limited partnerships formed prior to April 1, 1985

42:2A-15: Time when partnership formed

42:2A-16: Amendment to certificate

42:2A-16.1: Certificate of correction

42:2A-17: When amendment to certificate required

42:2A-18: Cancellation of certificate

42:2A-19: Execution of certificate

42:2A-20: Amendment or cancellation by judicial act

42:2A-21: Filing in office of Secretary of State; effect of filing

42:2A-22: Liability for false statement in certificate

42:2A-23: Notice

42:2A-24: Delivery of certificates to limited partners

42:2A-25: Admission of additional limited partners

42:2A-26: Voting

42:2A-27: Liability to third parties

42:2A-28: Person erroneously believing himself a limited partner

42:2A-29: Right to information

42:2A-29.1: Notice of limited partners' meetings

42:2A-29.2: Waiver of notice of lapse of time

42:2A-29.3: Action by limited partners

42:2A-29.4: Fixing record date

42:2A-29.5: Limited partnership interests held jointly or as tenants in common

42:2A-30: Admission of additional general partners

42:2A-31: Events of withdrawal of a general partner

42:2A-32: General powers and liabilities

42:2A-33: Contributions by general partner; profits and losses; distributions

42:2A-33.1: One person as both general and limited partner

42:2A-34: Voting

42:2A-35: Form of contribution by partners

42:2A-36: Liability of partner for contribution

42:2A-37: Sharing of profits and losses

42:2A-38: Sharing of distributions

42:2A-39: Interim distributions

42:2A-40: Withdrawal of general partner

42:2A-41: Withdrawal of limited partner

42:2A-42: Distribution upon withdrawal

42:2A-43: Distribution in cash or kind

42:2A-44: Right to distribution

42:2A-45: Limitations on distribution

42:2A-46: Liability upon return of contribution

42:2A-47: Assignment of partnership interest; rights of assignee

42:2A-48: Rights of judgment creditor of a partner

42:2A-49: Right of assignee to become limited partner; rights, restrictions and liabilities

42:2A-50: Power of personal representative of deceased or incompetent person; representative or successor of corporation, trust or other entity

42:2A-51: Dissolution

42:2A-52: Judicial dissolution

42:2A-53: Right to wind up partnership affairs

42:2A-54: Distribution of assets

42:2A-55: Law governing

42:2A-57: Application for certificate of authority to transact business

42:2A-58: Changes in and amendments to application for certificate

42:2A-59: Cancellation of certificate of authority to do business in the State

42:2A-60: Transacting business without certificate of authority

42:2A-61: Injunction against foreign limited partnership.

42:2A-62: Right of action

42:2A-63: Proper plaintiff

42:2A-64: Pleading

42:2A-65: Security for expenses

42:2A-66: Expenses

42:2A-67: Indemnification of general partner

42:2A-68: Filing fee of the State Treasurer

42:2A-69: Annual report to the State Treasurer by domestic limited partnerships

42:2A-70: Annual report to State Treasurer by foreign limited partnership

42:2A-71: Rules and regulations

42:2A-72: Exemption from filing business name certificates

42:2A-73: "Other business entity" defined; domestic limited partnership, merger, consolidation