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Chapter: 2B -

42:2B-4: Conditions for use of alternate name; certificate of registration

42:2B-1: Short title

42:2B-2: Definitions relative to limited liability companies.

42:2B-3: Name of limited liability company.

42:2B-11: Certificate of formation; filing.

42:2B-6: Company office; agent

42:2B-10: Indemnification powers

42:2B-14: Cancellation of certificate of formation; filing of certificate of cancellation.

42:2B-7: Agent resignation; successor

42:2B-9: Members', managers' rights, obligations

42:2B-13: Amending a certificate of formation

42:2B-8.1: Annual report by limited liability company to Secretary of State

42:2B-12: Certificate of correction; filing

42:2B-5: Exclusive use, reservation of specified name

42:2B-8: Purpose of limited liability company; powers

42:2B-15: Execution of certificates

42:2B-19: Restated certificate of formation

42:2B-22: Operating agreement, classes of members

42:2B-18: Certificate of formation serves as notice

42:2B-21: Members of limited liability company, interest

42:2B-17: Filing of certificates; effectiveness

42:2B-20: "Other business entity" defined; merger, consolidation

42:2B-24: Dissociation of membership.

42:2B-16: Action to compel execution of certificate, agreement

42:2B-23: Debts, obligations, liabilities

42:2B-25: Information; member's rights; manager's rights

42:2B-29: Operating agreement provisions for classes and groups of managers

42:2B-32: Member contributions

42:2B-24.1: Rights of dissociated member

42:2B-28: Manager as member

42:2B-31: Protection for member, manager for reliance on information.

42:2B-27: Management of company, control.

42:2B-30: Provisions of operating agreement on performance of managers

42:2B-26: Provisions of operating agreement on performance of members

42:2B-36: Distributions to member prior to resignation, dissolution, winding up

42:2B-43: Company interest, personal property

42:2B-35: Distributions of cash, other assets

42:2B-39: Distribution to resigning member.

42:2B-42: Distributions to members, limitations; violations, liability

42:2B-34: Allocation of profits and losses

42:2B-38: Resignation of member

42:2B-41: Creditor status for member entitled to distribution

42:2B-33: Obligations of members for contributions promised

42:2B-37: Resignation of manager.

42:2B-40: Member distributions limited to cash

42:2B-47: Death, incompetence of member.

42:2B-49.2: Creditors not complying barred from suing, exceptions

42:2B-46: Conditions for assignee becoming member; rights, obligations, liability.

42:2B-49.1: Notice by dissolved company requiring creditors to present claims in writing; "creditor" defined

42:2B-45: Rights of judgment creditor of member

42:2B-49: Dissolution by decree

42:2B-50: Wind-up of affairs; appointment of liquidating trustee; liability not affected, imposed

42:2B-44: Company interest assignable; rights of assignee.

42:2B-48: Dissolution, wind up.

42:2B-52: Laws governing foreign company

42:2B-56: Cancellation of registration

42:2B-51: Distribution of assets upon winding up; payment of claims, obligations

42:2B-55: Certificate correcting statement

42:2B-59: Application of C.42:2B-15 to foreign companies

42:2B-54: Approval of application

42:2B-58: Jurisdiction; injunctive relief; summary proceedings

42:2B-61: Derivative actions

42:2B-53: Application for registration

42:2B-57: Registration of foreign liability company; liability; violations, penalties

42:2B-60: Action by member

42:2B-63: Entitlement to security

42:2B-67: Rules of law and equity govern

42:2B-70: Filings, reports

42:2B-62: Contents of complaint

42:2B-66: Liberal construction.

42:2B-65: Fees.

42:2B-69: Taxation classification.

42:2B-64: Award to plaintiff

42:2B-68: Provisions of act subject to change