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Chapter: 3 - Under authority of R.S. 42:3-1 et seq.

42:3-1: Under authority of R.S. 42:3-1 et seq.

42:3-2: Amending statement

42:3-3: Use of word "limited" in name; display of name

42:3-4: Meetings of members of association; election of officers

42:3-5: Contracting debts

42:3-6: Real estate; purchase, ownership and disposition

42:3-7: Deeds, bonds and mortgages; execution and acknowledgment; seal

42:3-8: Actions by and against association; service of process

42:3-9: Liability of individual members; executions

42:3-10: Execution against members; subscription book

42:3-11: Interests deemed personal, transfer

42:3-12: Loan of association's credit, name or capital

42:3-13: Division of profits of business

42:3-13.1: Renewal or continuation of term of existence; resolution; statement; recording

42:3-13.2: Time of renewal

42:3-13.3: Successive periods of renewal or continuation; duration of period

42:3-13.4: Dissatisfied member entitled to his interests; procedure

42:3-14: Dissolution; when authorized; notice; publication

42:3-15: Association continued for closing affairs

42:3-16: Managers as trustees for purpose of settlement; powers

42:3-17: Trustees may sue or be sued

42:3-18: Validity of deed made by trustees

42:3-19: Receiver for expired or dissolved association; application; summary hearing

42:3-20: Designation or appointment of trustees or receivers

42:3-21: General powers of trustees or receivers

42:3-22: Sale of property of association by receivers

42:3-23: Continuance of powers of trustees

42:3-24: Application for injunctive relief and for receivers or trustees for insolvent association

42:3-25: Injunctive relief

42:3-26: Appointment of receivers or trustees when injunctive relief granted

42:3-27: Oath of receivers or trustees; filing

42:3-28: Jurisdiction of Superior Court

42:3-29: Creditors paid pro rata; disposition of balance