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Chapter: 1A - Legislative findings, declarations.

47:1A-1: Legislative findings, declarations.

47:1A-1.1: Definitions.

47:1A-1.2: Restricted access to biotechnology trade secrets.

47:1A-1.3: Certain firearms records considered public records.

47:1A-2.2: Access to certain information by convict prohibited; exceptions.

47:1A-3: Access to records of investigation in progress.

47:1A-5: Times during which records may be inspected, examined, copied; access; copy fees.

47:1A-6: Proceeding to challenge denial of access to record.

47:1A-7: Government Records Council.

47:1A-8: Construction of act.

47:1A-9: Other laws, regulations, privileges unaffected.

47:1A-10: Personnel, pension records not considered public information; exceptions.

47:1A-11: Violations, penalties, disciplinary proceeding.

47:1A-12: Court rules.

47:1A-13: Annual budget request for the council.