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Chapter: 10 -

5:10-1: Short title

5:10-2: Declaration of policy

5:10-3: Definitions.

5:10-4: "New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority."

5:10-4.1: New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority transferred to the Department of State.

5:10-5: Powers of authority.

5:10-5.1: Annual operating budget submission to State; recordation in minutes

5:10-5.2: Audit contract

5:10-6: Authority projects.

5:10-6.1: New Jersey Hall of Fame.

5:10-6.2: Consultation with local officials

5:10-6.3: Sports authority's operation of Wildwood convention center facility.

5:10-6.4: Short title.

5:10-6.5: Findings, determinations relative to establishment of New Jersey Hall of Fame.

5:10-6.6a: Dissolution, transfer of certain entities to the Foundation for the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

5:10-6.6: New Jersey Hall of Fame Advisory Commission.

5:10-6.7: Duties, authority of commission.

5:10-6.8: Foundation for the New Jersey Hall of Fame.

5:10-6.9: Board of trustees to govern foundation.

5:10-6.10: Adoption of bylaws.

5:10-6.11: Annual report to Governor, Legislature, public.

5:10-6.12: Use of funds.

5:10-6.13: Expenses payable by funds raised by foundation.

5:10-6.14: Annual audit.

5:10-6.15: References to New Jersey Sports Hall of Fame deemed to mean New Jersey Hall of Fame.

5:10-7: Application for permit.

5:10-7.1: Proposals to lease horse racetrack facilities; notification.

5:10-8: Relocation of public highways; entry on lands, waters or premises; regulations for public utility facilities

5:10-9: Eminent domain

5:10-10: Bonds or notes; issuance; terms

5:10-11: Covenants to secure payment

5:10-12: Pledge of revenues, funds or other property; lien

5:10-13: Personal liability

5:10-14: Reserves, funds or accounts; establishment

5:10-14.1: Debt service reserve fund; limitation on issuance of bonds; accumulation of moneys; nonliability of state or its political subdivisions

5:10-14.2: Right of state to require redemption prior to maturity

5:10-14.3: Sports Authority Fund.

5:10-14.4: Luxury tax revenues.

5:10-15: Guarantee by state not to limit or alter rights or powers vested in authority

5:10-16: Authorization as legal investment or security for public deposits

5:10-17: Lease or conveyance of land by state or governmental subdivision

5:10-18: Tax exemption; projects and property of authority; bonds or notes; payments in-lieu-of property taxes.

5:10-19: Annual report; annual audit

5:10-20: Services by state officers, departments, boards, agencies, divisions and commissions

5:10-21.1: Purchases, contracts, or agreements over threshold amount.

5:10-21.1a: Set-aside contract goals

5:10-21.2: Exemptions

5:10-21.3: Exemptions; subject matter

5:10-21.4: Exemptions; circumstances.

5:10-21.5: Award without public advertisement; resolution; specification of subject matter or circumstances

5:10-21.6: Work by employees of authority

5:10-22: Limitation on size of site; limitation on powers

5:10-23: Ecological factors

5:10-24: Effect on inconsistent acts and rules and regulations adopted thereunder

5:10-25: Partial invalidity

5:10-26: Construction of act

5:10-27: Legislative findings and declarations

5:10-28: Definitions

5:10-29: Garden State Racetrack; acquisition, operation, maintenance, repair, reconstruction and improvement; feasibility study; additional projects; approval

5:10-30: Conduct of horse race meetings and parimutuel betting

5:10-31: Application of New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority Law

5:10-32: Application of revenues, moneys or other funds derived from operation or ownership of additional projects

5:10-33: Pledge to and covenant with holders of bonds or notes by state to not limit or alter rights or powers of authority

5:10-34: Bonds or notes as legal investments and authorized security for public deposits

5:10-35: Tax exemption; property and bonds or notes; payments in-lieu-of-taxes to municipalities

5:10-36: Enforcement of provisions of or rules and regulations under this act over conflicting or inconsistent acts and regulations

5:10-37: Severability

5:10-38: Liberal construction