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Chapter: 10A - Hackensack Meadowlands


Chapter: 10A -

5:10A-1: Short title.

5:10A-2: Findings, declarations relative to the "Hackensack Meadowlands Agency Consolidation Act."

5:10A-3: Definitions relative to the "Hackensack Meadowlands Agency Consolidation Act."

5:10A-4: References mean and refer to New Jersey Sport and Exposition Authority.

5:10A-5: Districts delineated.

5:10A-6: New Jersey Meadowlands Commission dissolved.

5:10A-7: Additional powers of commission.

5:10A-8: Notification to municipalities of plans of the commission.

5:10A-9: Submission to the committee prior to final action.

5:10A-10: Master plan.

5:10A-11: Municipality, authority to approve, reject land use or zoning applications.

5:10A-12: Municipalities not adopting commission's master plan.

5:10A-13: Submission of applications for subdivision, site plan, or building permit.

5:10A-14: Notification by commission to certain municipalities.

5:10A-15: Certification of approval of commission required.

5:10A-16: Written notice of hearing to commissioner.

5:10A-17: Establishment of waiver of strict compliance to alleviate hardship.

5:10A-18: Approval required prior to construction, alteration of building or structure; violations, fines, civil action.

5:10A-19: Safeguarding of environmental resources of district.

5:10A-20: Strategies, funding for flood control infrastructure.

5:10A-21: Provision of solid waste and recycling disposal facilities.

5:10A-22: Municipal Assistance Program Fund.

5:10A-23: Declaration of area in need.

5:10A-24: Preparation, adoption of redevelopment plans.

5:10A-25: Provisions of agreements, leases, deeds, other instruments.

5:10A-26: Issuance of negotiable bonds and notes.

5:10A-27: Bonds, notes not deemed debt or liability of State.

5:10A-28: Collaboration; establishment of not-for-profit organization.

5:10A-29: Acquisition of real property.

5:10A-30: Projects, lands, property declared public property.

5:10A-31: Flood improvement zones.

5:10A-32: Division of land into classes.

5:10A-33: Procedure for construction of improvements.

5:10A-34: Statement showing cost of improvement.

5:10A-35: Hearing relative to improvement.

5:10A-36: Assessments levied.

5:10A-37: Damage deducted from amount of benefits assessed.

5:10A-38: Award for damages.

5:10A-39: Certification of benefits, awards.

5:10A-40: Consideration of report, map; adoption.

5:10A-41: Bills for assessment.

5:10A-42: Special assessments.

5:10A-43: Assessment for improvement first lien on land.

5:10A-44: New assessment.

5:10A-45: Refund of illegally made assessment.

5:10A-46: Payment of assessment in installments.

5:10A-47: Sale of property to enforce lien.

5:10A-48: Appeal.

5:10A-49: Report to Governor, Legislature.

5:10A-50: Laws applicable.

5:10A-51: List of owners of taxable property; locations.

5:10A-52: School district to certify resident enrollment.

5:10A-53: Establishment of intermunicipal account.

5:10A-54: Conditions for nonpayment of adjustment.

5:10A-55: Computation of guarantee payment.

5:10A-56: Service payment for school district services.

5:10A-57: Apportionment of balance of payments.

5:10A-58: Reduction of total service payments.

5:10A-59: Meadowlands adjustment payment.

5:10A-60: Hackensack Meadowlands Tax Sharing Stabilization Fund.

5:10A-61: Adoption of annual budget.

5:10A-62: Actions by public bodies to aid, cooperate.

5:10A-63: Contracts, apportionment of costs and expenses.

5:10A-64: Examination by State Auditor.

5:10A-65: Additional powers of commission.

5:10A-66: Addition, alternate method.

5:10A-67: Severability.

5:10A-68: Payment of expenses.

5:10A-69: Short title.

5:10A-70: Findings, declarations relative to the "Hackensack Meadowlands Transportation Planning District Act of 2015."

5:10A-71: Definitions relative to the transportation planning district.

5:10A-72: Establishment of transportation planning district.

5:10A-73: District transportation plan goals, policies, needs, improvement priorities.

5:10A-74: Assessment, collection of development fees.

5:10A-75: Assessment of development fee at time of issuance of zoning approval.

5:10A-76: Enforcement of payments due.

5:10A-77: Transportation planning district fund.

5:10A-78: Refund of certain fees.

5:10A-79: Appeal.

5:10A-80: Acceptance of loans.

5:10A-81: Rules, regulations.

5:10A-82: Short title.

5:10A-83: Findings, declarations relative to the "New Jersey Meadowlands Tax Relief Act."

5:10A-84: Definitions relative to the "New Jersey Meadowlands Tax Relief Act."

5:10A-85: Meadowlands regional hotel use assessment.