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Chapter: 12 -

5:12-1: Short title; declaration of policy and legislative findings.

5:12-1.1: References to include "Casino Simulcasting Act"

5:12-2: Definitions.

5:12-2.1: "Affiliate"

5:12-2.1a: "Annuity jackpot."

5:12-2.2: "Annuity jackpot guarantee."

5:12-3: "Applicant"

5:12-4: "Application"

5:12-4.1: "Attorney"

5:12-5: "Authorized game" or "authorized gambling game"

5:12-5.2: "Cash equivalent value."

5:12-6: "Casino" or "casino room" or "licensed casino."

5:12-6.1: "Casino bankroll."

5:12-7: "Casino employee."

5:12-9: "Casino key employee."

5:12-10: "Casino license"

5:12-11: "Casino security employee"

5:12-12: "Casino service industry enterprise."

5:12-13: "Chairman" and "commissioner" or "member"

5:12-14: "Commission"

5:12-14a: "Complimentary service or item."

5:12-14.1: "Conservator"

5:12-14.2: "Conservatorship action"

5:12-14.2a: "Corporate Officer."

5:12-14.3: "Creditor"

5:12-14.4: "Debt."

5:12-15: "Director"

5:12-16: "Division"

5:12-16.1: "Encumbrance"

5:12-17: "Equal employment opportunity"

5:12-18: "Equity security"

5:12-19: "Establishment"

5:12-20: "Family."

5:12-21: "Game" or "gambling game"

5:12-22: "Gaming" or "gambling"

5:12-23: "Gaming device" or "gaming equipment"

5:12-24: "Gross revenue."

5:12-25: "Hearing examiner."

5:12-26: "Holding company."

5:12-27: "Hotel" or "approved hotel."

5:12-27a: "Independent software contractor."

5:12-27.1: "Institutional investor."

5:12-28: "Intermediary company."

5:12-28.1: "Internet gaming."

5:12-28.2: "Internet gaming gross revenue."

5:12-29: Junket

5:12-29.1: "Junket enterprise"

5:12-29.2: "Junket representative"

5:12-30: "License"

5:12-31: "License or Registration Fee"

5:12-32: "Licensed casino operation"

5:12-33: "Licensee"

5:12-33a: "Multi-casino employee."

5:12-33.1: "Multi-casino progressive slot machine system."

5:12-34: "Operation"

5:12-35: "Operation certificate."

5:12-36: "Party."

5:12-37: "Person"

5:12-38a: "Promotional gaming credit."

5:12-38.1: "Property"

5:12-39: "Publicly traded corporation."

5:12-40: "Registration"

5:12-41: "Registrant"

5:12-42: "Regulated complimentary service account"

5:12-42.1: "Resident"

5:12-43: "Respondent"

5:12-43.1: "Restricted casino areas."

5:12-44: "Security."

5:12-44.1: "Simulcasting facility"

5:12-45: "Slot machine."

5:12-45.1: "Slot system agreement."

5:12-45.2: "Slot system operator."

5:12-45.3: "State of emergency."

5:12-46: "Statement of compliance."

5:12-47: "Subsidiary"

5:12-47.2: "Transfer"

5:12-49: Words and terms: tense, number and gender

5:12-50: Creation of casino control commission; number of members.

5:12-51: Members of the commission; qualifications and eligibility.

5:12-52: Appointment and terms of commission members.

5:12-53: Compensation of members.

5:12-54: Organization and employees.

5:12-54.1: Restrictions on certain contributions.

5:12-55: Division of gaming enforcement.

5:12-56: Organization and employees

5:12-57: Expenses; limits

5:12-58: Restrictions on pre-employment by commissioners, commission employees and division employees and agents.

5:12-59: Employment restrictions on commissioners, commission employees and division employees.

5:12-60: Post-employment restrictions.

5:12-61: Applicant and licensee liability for violations.

5:12-62: Enforcement.

5:12-63: Duties of the commission.

5:12-66: Investigative hearings.

5:12-68: Collection of fees, penalties or tax.

5:12-69: Regulations.

5:12-70: Required regulations.

5:12-71: Regulation requiring exclusion of certain persons.

5:12-71.1: Exclusion, ejection of certain persons

5:12-71.2: List of persons self-excluded from gaming activities.

5:12-71.3: Penalties for gaming by prohibited persons.

5:12-72: Commission reports and recommendations.

5:12-73: Meetings and quorum.

5:12-74: Minutes and records.

5:12-74.1: Information, data deemed confidential; exceptions.

5:12-75: Powers not enumerated.

5:12-76: General duties and powers.

5:12-76.1: Internet gambling public awareness campaign.

5:12-77: Law enforcement powers, responsibilities

5:12-78: Cooperation by licensees, registrants or applicants

5:12-79: Inspection, seizure and warrants

5:12-80: General provisions.

5:12-80.1: Pilot program for issuance of additional types of casino licenses.

5:12-80.2: Increase of casino space by small-scale, staged casino facility; special amenities.

5:12-81: Statement of compliance.

5:12-82: Casino license - applicant eligibility.

5:12-83: Approved hotel.

5:12-84: Casino license - applicant requirements.

5:12-85: Additional requirements.

5:12-85.1: Qualifications for issuance of casino license.

5:12-85.2: Applicability of act.

5:12-86: Casino license - disqualification criteria.

5:12-87: Investigation of applicants for casino licenses; report, recommendation.

5:12-87.1: Submission of documentation, information by licensee.

5:12-89: Licensing of casino key employees.

5:12-91: Registration of casino employees.

5:12-91.1: Endorsement as multi-casino employee.

5:12-92: Licensing of casino service industry enterprises.

5:12-93: Registration of labor organizations.

5:12-94: Approval and denial of registrations and licenses other than casino licenses.

5:12-95: Renewal of licenses and registrations.

5:12-95.12: Applicability and requirements

5:12-95.13: Commission consideration of request for interim casino authorization

5:12-95.14: Provisions and application of trust agreement

5:12-95.15: Obligations and responsibilities

5:12-95.16: Time for determining qualification

5:12-95.17: Findings, declarations relative to Internet gaming at Atlantic City casinos.

5:12-95.18: Reports regarding the impact of gaming through the Internet.

5:12-95.19: Annual tax on Internet gaming gross revenues.

5:12-95.20: Federal law applicable.

5:12-95.21: Permit required to conduct Internet gaming.

5:12-95.22: Location of primary Internet gaming operation.

5:12-95.22a: Severability.

5:12-95.23: Conditions for acceptance of Internet wagers.

5:12-95.24: Disposition of inactive, dormant accounts.

5:12-95.25: Assistance to people with gambling problem.

5:12-95.26: Offering of Internet gaming without approval, fourth degree crime; fines.

5:12-95.27: Tampering with equipment, third degree crime; fines.

5:12-95.28: Tampering affecting odds, payout, third degree crime; fines.

5:12-95.29: Annual fees for issuance, renewal of Internet gaming permits.

5:12-95.30: Facilities permitted to conduct Internet gaming; violations, penalties.

5:12-95.31: Acceptance of certain out-of-State wagers.

5:12-95.32: "Internet gaming affiliate."

5:12-95.33: Determination of date law becomes operative, expires.

5:12-96: Operation certificate.

5:12-97: Hours of operation.

5:12-98: Casino facility requirements.

5:12-99: Internal controls.

5:12-100: Games and gaming equipment.

5:12-100.1: Right to receive annuity jackpot payments.

5:12-100.2: Prompt notice of award of annuity jackpot; offset, lien for child support arrearages.

5:12-101: Credit.

5:12-101.1: Accounts established, limitations

5:12-101.2: Cash redemption, limited.

5:12-101.3: Report of cash transactions.

5:12-102: Junkets and complimentary services.

5:12-103: Alcoholic beverages in casino hotel facilities.

5:12-104: Casino licensees, leases and contracts

5:12-105: Disposition of securities by corporate licensee.

5:12-106: Casino employment.

5:12-107: Conduct of hearings; rules of evidence; punishment of contempts.

5:12-108: Proceedings against licensees

5:12-109: Emergency orders.

5:12-110: Judicial review.

5:12-111: Penalties for willful evasion of payment of license fees, other acts and omissions.

5:12-112: Unlicensed casino gambling games unlawful; penalties.

5:12-113: Swindling and cheating; penalties.

5:12-113.1: Use of certain devices in playing games, grading of offense; forfeiture of devices.

5:12-114: Unlawful use of bogus chips or gaming billets, marked cards, dice, cheating devices, unlawful coins; penalty.

5:12-115: Cheating games and devices in a licensed casino; penalty.

5:12-116: Unlawful possession of device, equipment or other material illegally manufactured, distributed, sold or serviced.

5:12-117: Employment without license or registration; penalty.

5:12-117.1: Persons prohibited from accepting employment; violation; crime of fourth degree.

5:12-118: Regulations requiring exclusion or rejection of certain persons from licensed casinos; unlawful entry by person whose name has been placed on list; pe

5:12-119: Gaming by certain persons prohibited; penalties; defenses.

5:12-120: Prohibited political contributions; penalty.

5:12-121: Authority of gaming licensee and agents to detain or question persons; immunity from liability; posted notice required.

5:12-122: Other offenses; general penalty

5:12-123: Continuing offenses

5:12-124: Exemption from gambling statutes

5:12-125: Racketeer-influenced and corrupt organizations--definitions

5:12-126: Prohibited activities.

5:12-127: Civil remedies

5:12-128: Civil investigative demand

5:12-129: Supplemental sanctions.

5:12-129.1: Report of suspicious transaction.

5:12-129.2: Failure to file report, sanctions.

5:12-129.3: Record of reports.

5:12-129.4: Rules, regulations.

5:12-129.5: Notification to person involved in transaction prohibited, fourth degree crime.

5:12-129.6: Immunity from civil liability.

5:12-130: Impositions of sanctions - standards.

5:12-130.1: Institution of conservatorship and appointment of conservators.

5:12-130.1a: Instructions to, supervision of conservator

5:12-130.2: Powers, authorities and duties of conservators

5:12-130.3: Compensation of conservators and others

5:12-130.4: Assumption of outstanding debts

5:12-130.5: Payment of net earnings during the period of the conservatorship

5:12-130.6: Payments following a bulk sale

5:12-130.7: Continuing jurisdiction of commission

5:12-130.8: Discontinuation of a conservatorship

5:12-130.9: Required reports

5:12-130.10: Review of actions of conservator

5:12-130.11: Investigation by the division of gaming enforcement

5:12-131: Declaration of State's Limited Exemption from Operation of Provisions of 15 U.S.C. (1172)

5:12-132: Legal shipments of gaming devices into New Jersey

5:12-133: Severability and preemption.

5:12-134: Equal employment opportunity; requirements for license.

5:12-135: Equal employment opportunity; enforcement by the division.

5:12-136: Facilities for the handicapped.

5:12-138: Prohibited political contributions.

5:12-139: Casino license fees.

5:12-140: License fee on slot machines

5:12-141: Fees for other than casino licenses.

5:12-141.1: Fees to recoup costs of the division or commission.

5:12-141.2: Expiration of gaming-related obligations owed to patrons; date of expiration; payment to casino revenue fund.

5:12-143: "Casino control fund."

5:12-144: Tax on gross revenues.

5:12-144.1: Imposition of investment alternative tax.

5:12-144.2: Annual deduction from gross revenue relative to promotional gaming credits.

5:12-145: "Casino Revenue Fund."

5:12-145a: Use of moneys from Casino Revenue Fund

5:12-145.1: Income from investments; credit to fund

5:12-145.2: Calculation of income

5:12-145.3: "Casino Revenue Fund Advisory Commission."

5:12-145.4: Duties of commission

5:12-145.5: Organization, election of chairperson, secretary

5:12-145.6: Entitlement to assistance, services, incurring of expenses

5:12-145.7: Annual report

5:12-145.8: Fee of $3.00 imposed daily on occupied hotel rooms in casino hotel facility.

5:12-146: In lieu tax.

5:12-147: Profits.

5:12-148: Payment of taxes.

5:12-148.2: Tax of 8% imposed on multi-casino progressive slot machine revenue.

5:12-148.3: Tax of 7.5% imposed on certain adjusted net income of casino licensees.

5:12-149: Determination of tax liability.

5:12-150: Penalties.

5:12-151: Forms.

5:12-152: Application of State Tax Uniform Procedure Law

5:12-153: Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

5:12-154: Removal of members; oath of office

5:12-155: Officers; quorum.

5:12-156: Compensation of public members; reimbursement.

5:12-157: Designation of representatives to attend meetings

5:12-158: Interests prohibited

5:12-159: Dissolution of authority; conditions

5:12-160: Purpose of authority.

5:12-161: Powers of authority.

5:12-161.1: Atlantic City Fund, established in CRDA.

5:12-161.2: Moneys payable to the Atlantic City Fund; casino shares

5:12-161.3: Prevailing wage rate for workers employed on projects with Casino Redevelopment Authority involvement.

5:12-161.4: Exercise of rights, powers or duties.

5:12-161.5: Prevailing wage rules, regulations, adoption by Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

5:12-161.6: Inapplicability of C.5:12-161.3 through C.5:12-161.5.

5:12-162: Bonds

5:12-162.1: Issuance of bond, notes, other obligations.

5:12-163: Resolution authorizing bonds; provisions

5:12-164: Pledges of income, revenue or property; validity; effect

5:12-165: Treatment of interest on bonds as provided under Internal Revenue Code of 1954; consent; application of state or federal laws

5:12-166: Liability of members on bonds

5:12-167: Property and bonds of authority; tax exemption

5:12-168: Authority property; exemption from execution or judicial process

5:12-169: Annual report; audit

5:12-170: Authority may use employees of other agencies

5:12-171: Annual budget; approval; line item vetoes; transmittal

5:12-172: Guarantee of obligations; provisions of resolution

5:12-173: Investments; authorization; criteria and priorities

5:12-173.1: Findings, declarations relative to redevelopment in Atlantic City.

5:12-173.2: Minimum charge of $3.00 imposed for use of casino parking facility.

5:12-173.3: Minimum fee of $3.00 imposed for use of casino parking space.

5:12-173.3a: Covenant by State with bond holders as to casino parking fee

5:12-173.4: Special fund, use of fees.

5:12-173.5: Responsibility for collection of fees.

5:12-173.6: Issuance of bonds, notes

5:12-173.7: Covenants by authority; contracts with holders of bonds, notes

5:12-173.8: Moneys set aside for hotel development projects

5:12-173.9: Short title

5:12-173.10: Findings, declaration relative to CRDA urban revitalization program

5:12-173.11: Definitions relative to CRDA urban revitalization incentive programs.

5:12-173.12: Urban revitalization incentive program.

5:12-173.13: Deposit of sales and use tax revenues

5:12-173.14: Deposit of hotel room use fee revenues

5:12-173.15: Project fund created.

5:12-173.16: Room fund created.

5:12-173.17: Separate accounts within project, room funds

5:12-173.18: Proposed district project plan

5:12-173.19: Proposal for entertainment-retail project, community and housing development project.

5:12-173.20: Authority sponsored project.

5:12-173.22: Issuance of bonds by CRDA, establishment of Casino Capital Construction Fund.

5:12-173.22a: Atlantic City Expansion Fund; creation, use.

5:12-174: Waiver of project eligibility determination

5:12-175: Waiver of requirements relating to composition of investment tax credit

5:12-176: Waiver of requirements relating to composition, during first ten years of tax obligation, of investment tax credit; conditions

5:12-177: Donation in lieu of bond purchase or investment

5:12-178: Projects or investments benefiting, improving, or increasing value of casino hotel or related facility; authority investment; prohibition

5:12-179: Determination of investment or donation eligibility prior to adoption of rules and regulations; conditions

5:12-180: Investments or contributions adverse to priorities; prohibition of support or approval by authority

5:12-181: Aid to minority, women's businesses

5:12-182: Eminent domain or condemnation

5:12-183: Minutes of authority meetings; effective date of actions; veto

5:12-184: Declarations

5:12-185: Definitions

5:12-186: Minority, women's business contracts.

5:12-187: Bus business set aside.

5:12-187.1: Penalties for violations.

5:12-188: Determining qualifications

5:12-189: List of qualified enterprises

5:12-190: Additional regulations.

5:12-191: Short title

5:12-192: Definitions

5:12-193: Casino simulcasting permitted.

5:12-194: Establishment of casino simulcasting facility.

5:12-195: Applications to conduct casino simulcasting, conditions of approval.

5:12-196: Transmission of live races to casinos

5:12-197: Casino wagers included in parimutuel pool

5:12-198: Distribution of undistributed casino wagers

5:12-199: Out-of-State horse races, simulcast; approved casinos, licensed sending tracks.

5:12-200: Receipt from out-of-State of simulcast horse races during permitted hours of operation

5:12-201: Payment to out-of-State sending track.

5:12-202: Combining of parimutuel pools, formation of interstate common pool

5:12-203: Wagers subject to takeout rate.

5:12-204: Procedure for revision of formula

5:12-205: "Casino Simulcasting Special Fund" established

5:12-206: Payment to Atlantic City Racetrack

5:12-207: Depositing of State revenue

5:12-208: "Casino Simulcasting Fund" established

5:12-209: Distribution of interest from funds generated by simulcasting

5:12-210: Rules, regulations.

5:12-211: Continuance of casino, simulcast operations during certain states of emergency; violations, fines.

5:12-212: Division approval of internal controls prior to state of emergency.

5:12-213: Prohibitions relative to operation during state of emergency.

5:12-214: Restriction of transfer of property.

5:12-215: Calculation of certain time periods.

5:12-216: Adoption of regulations.

5:12-217: Effective date.

5:12-218: Definitions relative to the Atlantic City Tourism District.

5:12-219: Atlantic City Tourism District.

5:12-219.1: "Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall."

5:12-219.2: Provision of funds for signage.

5:12-220: Development and design guidelines, land use regulations.

5:12-221: Actions of authority after creation of tourism district.

5:12-222: Development of public safety plan.

5:12-223: Agreements; fees, use.

5:12-224: Transfer of Atlantic City International Airport; distribution of revenues, proceeds.

5:12-225: 5:12-225 Repealed by L.2013 c.37.

5:12-226: Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority, transfer to CRDA.

5:12-227: Status of project after transfer.

5:12-228: Actions permitted prior to Transfer Date.

5:12-229: Provisions of existing laws unaffected.

5:12-230: Powers assumed by authority upon establishment of tourism district.

5:12-231: Law subject to provisions of C.52:14D-1 et seq.; exceptions.

5:12-232: Obligations to bondholders unaffected.

5:12-233: Entry into partnerships by authority.