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Chapter: 2A -

5:2A-1: Definitions

5:2A-2: Findings, declarations

5:2A-3: State Athletic Control Board.

5:2A-4: Authority of State Athletic Control Board

5:2A-5: Commissioner, other personnel

5:2A-6: Restrictions on board members, employees, agents

5:2A-6.1: Prohibited officeholding

5:2A-7: Responsibilities of board

5:2A-8: Medical advisory council

5:2A-8.1: Temporary bans

5:2A-9: Investigations

5:2A-10: Immunity

5:2A-11: Violations, penalties

5:2A-12: Docketing as judgment

5:2A-13: Injunction

5:2A-14: Licensure

5:2A-14.1: Events at casino hotels; licensure of promoter required.

5:2A-14.2: Medical insurance required

5:2A-14.3: Professional wrestling events, exhibitions in casino hotels, requirements.

5:2A-15: Licensure of boxers

5:2A-16: Bond required

5:2A-17: Authority of board to discipline licenses

5:2A-18: Permit required by promoter

5:2A-18.1: Ringside physicians, ambulance required

5:2A-18.2: Ophthalmological, neurological examination

5:2A-19: State Athletic Control Board Account

5:2A-20: Tax on complimentary tickets, receipts

5:2A-21: Approval of printers

5:2A-22: Authority of Attorney General relative to casino licensee

5:2A-23: $1,000 penalty

5:2A-24: School exemption

5:2A-25: Study, report

5:2A-26: Scoring in writing

5:2A-27: Restrictions on promoters

5:2A-28: No cash payments

5:2A-29: Inspection of training facilities

5:2A-30: Agency transfer act applicable

5:2A-31: Existing licenses