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Chapter: 3 - Municipal authority to prescribe means of protection against fire

5:3-1: Municipal authority to prescribe means of protection against fire

5:3-2: Firemen detailed to places of public amusements

5:3-3: Aisles and passageways kept clear

5:3-4: Enforcement and regulations

5:3-5: Violations; penalty

5:3-6: Police to aid in enforcement; arrest without warrant

5:3-7: Diagram of seats and exits printed in program

5:3-8: Diagram of seats, exits shown on screen

5:3-9: Misdemeanor; penalty

5:3-10: Booths for moving-picture machines; dimensions and construction

5:3-11: Plan of booth; approval by building department or commissioner of labor

5:3-12: Duration of certificate of approval

5:3-13: Notification of completion of booth; inspection; certificate

5:3-14: Submission of plans for booths; fees

5:3-15: Preceding sections not applicable under certain conditions

5:3-16: Use of projectors in school buildings

5:3-17: Use of portable booths

5:3-18: Portable booths; dimensions; specifications for construction

5:3-19: When licensed operator or booth not required

5:3-20: Certain other operators exempt from license

5:3-21: Penalty for violation

5:3-21.1: Outdoor theatres; appliances for fire protection

5:3-21.2: Inspection of outdoor theatres

5:3-21.3: Failure to comply

5:3-22: Commissioner of labor to supervise; code to be prepared

5:3-23: Plans of buildings; approval by commissioner; duplicate

5:3-24: Application; fees

5:3-25: Alterations; approval by commissioner

5:3-26: Discontinuance of use of unsafe structures

5:3-27: Registration; notice of to be posted

5:3-28: Violation; penalties

5:3-29: Penalties; recovery; disposition

5:3-30: Liability for personal injuries

5:3-31: Short title

5:3-32: Definitions relative to carnival-amusement rides

5:3-33: Advisory Board on Carnival-Amusement Ride Safety

5:3-34: Reimbursement of expenses

5:3-35: Powers

5:3-36: Rules, regulations

5:3-36.1: Compliance by riders required; violators deemed disorderly persons

5:3-36.2: Posting of warning notices; contents

5:3-37: Reasonableness and uniformity of rules and regulations

5:3-38: Administration and enforcement of act and rules and regulations

5:3-39: Schedule of fees

5:3-40: Chief inspector and other employees; employment

5:3-41: Annual issuance of permit, inspection

5:3-41.1: Suspension, revocation of permit

5:3-42: Certification of type required for operation of ride; exceptions.

5:3-42.1: Information provided by manufacturers; evaluation of incidents; engineering analyses

5:3-43: Individual approval of ride, required; conditions

5:3-44: Order of temporary cessation of operation, suspension of permit; reconsideration hearing

5:3-45: Use of rides not prohibited; conditions

5:3-46: Maintenance, inspection records

5:3-47: Report of accidents, injuries, fatalities

5:3-48: Modification of rules, regulations or order; application; hearing; findings and recommendations; record

5:3-49: Rules and regulations on safe operating procedures

5:3-50: Insurance or bond required for operation of ride

5:3-51: Inapplicability of act to single-passenger coin-operated ride

5:3-52: Enactment of requirements by municipalities; application for exemption from state standards

5:3-53: Injunction to compel compliance

5:3-54: Noncompliance; fine

5:3-55: Definitions

5:3-56: Certain riders prohibited, operator immunity

5:3-57: Written report of accident precondition to bringing suit

5:3-58: Late reports, determination of prejudice to operator

5:3-59: Report to serve as notice to operator