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Chapter: 5 - New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

5:5-22: New Jersey Racing Commission, powers, duties; definitons.

5:5-22.1: Delivery, certification of commission minutes to Governor; approval.

5:5-22.2: Regulations relative to horse racing and certain wagering, commission authority.

5:5-22.3: Continuation of horse race meetings during certain states of emergency; violations, fines.

5:5-23: Membership of New Jersey Racing Commission.

5:5-24: Oath and bond of commissioners; renewal of bond

5:5-25: Salaries and expenses of commissioners; executive directors; employees of commission; extension of civil service laws to.

5:5-25.1: Regulations relative to commission member, employee.

5:5-25.2: Regulations relative to applicant for, holder of permit or license.

5:5-26: Bond of executive secretary and other employees

5:5-27: Payments from appropriations; record of proceedings; preservation of maps, books, etc.; annual report

5:5-28: Books for record of proceedings; public inspection; reports; record of yeas and nays

5:5-29: Meeting of commission; quorum

5:5-30: Rules and regulations for conduct of horse races; rules and regulations of Jockey Club, National Steeplechase and Hunt Association and United States T

5:5-31: Removal of commissioner; hearing; subpoena; fees, review

5:5-32: Minimum purse, stake or reward

5:5-33: Licensure of horse race personnel

5:5-34: Requirements for licensure by Racing Commission.

5:5-34.1: Ownership of stock, interest in racing corporation; approval, revocation, criminal record background check.

5:5-35: Officers, directors or employees of permit holder; powers of commission

5:5-36: Resident employees

5:5-37: Appointment of officials, persons to supervise operation of mutuels

5:5-38: Application for permit for horse race meeting; execution and verification; contents

5:5-38.1: Special permit for horse racing on the beach under certain circumstances.

5:5-38.2: Issuance of special horse racing permit for certain special steeplechase races, wagering, simulcasting.

5:5-39: Deposit required with application; return to applicant

5:5-39.1: Filing of application; hearing; advertisement; provisional permit; vote on question

5:5-40: Deduction from deposit of deficiency in payments

5:5-41: Forfeiture of deposit

5:5-42: Return of deposit when horse race meeting not held; conditions

5:5-43: Applications for racing dates; time for filing and action thereon; allotments; hearings; form of applications

5:5-43.2: Allotment of racing days.

5:5-44: Renewal of permit for horse race meeting; additional racing days

5:5-44.1: Applicability of amendatory and supplemental act of 1963

5:5-44.2: Charity racing days for the developmentally disabled

5:5-44.3: Distribution of State share

5:5-44.4: Determination of organizations to receive moneys by developmental disabilities council.

5:5-44.5: Annual allocation of amounts to each eligible organization

5:5-44.6: Books and records; annual audit; access for examination

5:5-44.8: "Charity Racing Day for Backstretch Benevolency Programs," fund

5:5-44.8a: Penalty deposited in Backstretch Fund

5:5-44.9: "Charity Racing Day for the Horse Park of New Jersey and for the Care of Retired Horses", designated

5:5-45: Meetings on not more than certain number of tracks; conflict in dates

5:5-46: Notice of allotment of racing dates; acceptance; bond or deposit

5:5-47: Permits; issuance; limitations; qualifications

5:5-47.1: Emergency permit

5:5-48: Admission of spectators; fees; admission tax; free passes

5:5-48.1: Local expense fund; distribution

5:5-49: Running race permitholder; one race per day limited to registered New Jersey bred foals

5:5-50: Permit and compliance with statute as condition precedent to horse race meeting

5:5-51: Races or meetings subject to rules, regulations and conditions; revocation or refusal of permits and licenses; notice; hearing

5:5-52: Hearing on revocation or refusal of permits or licenses; when revocation or suspension effective

5:5-53: Place of hearing; service of notice; continuance; evidence; record of case; counsel

5:5-54: Oaths and witnesses; subpenas; misconduct, failure to attend or produce records

5:5-55: Reference to executive director or member of commission to take testimony and report

5:5-56: Fees for attendance of witnesses

5:5-57: False testimony as perjury

5:5-58: Depositions of witnesses

5:5-59: Findings

5:5-60: Review

5:5-61: Costs and expense of commission at hearing or investigation; bond for costs

5:5-62: Places for wagering

5:5-62.1: Single parimutuel pools permitted, certain circumstances.

5:5-63: Mutuel board

5:5-63.1: Alternative systems of wagering; pools

5:5-63.2: Interstate, intrastate handicapping contests, certain, authorized

5:5-64: Distribution of parimutuel pools.

5:5-64.1: Harness race pools

5:5-65: Minors

5:5-65.1: List of persons voluntarily excluded from certain racetracks, off-track wagering facilities, account wagering, or exchange wagering.

5:5-65.2: Regulations applicable to persons on self-exclusion list; enforcement; sanctions.

5:5-66: Disposition of undistributed deposits.

5:5-66.1: Undistributed deposits

5:5-67: Books and records of permit holder; audit of accounts; reports; non-payment of amount due commission as misdemeanor

5:5-67.1: Uniform method of keeping accounts and records; audit annually; revocation of permit

5:5-68: Payment of moneys into state treasury

5:5-68.1: Appropriation to Racing Commission

5:5-69: Holding or conducting horse race meeting for stake, purse or reward, except in accordance with permit, as misdemeanor; disposition of fines

5:5-70: Holding or conducting horse race meeting contrary to or in violation of statute as misdemeanor; disposition of fines

5:5-71: Unlawful acts; penalty

5:5-72: Exceptions; premiums or prizes by fair or agricultural society; harness racing or trotting of horses

5:5-73: Permit required

5:5-74: Use of grounds or track of permit holder for fairs, exhibitions or hunt race meet

5:5-75: Application to racing of horses only

5:5-76: Enforcement of Act

5:5-77: Appointment of persons with police powers, duties and liabilities; terms; compensation

5:5-78: Photographic devices at finish line

5:5-79: Special permit; special running race meetings

5:5-80: Special permit; separate books and records; report and audits

5:5-81: Special permit; percentage of contributions payable to commission

5:5-82: Special permit; additional percentage payable; deduction of expenses

5:5-83: Special running race meeting; law applicable

5:5-84: Sunday and night horse race meetings

5:5-85: Parimutuel wagering at horse race meetings

5:5-86: Legislative findings

5:5-88: Payment of moneys to New Jersey horse breeding and development account; distribution

5:5-89: State programs; notifying secretary of agriculture of amount for deposit

5:5-91: Establishment of sire stakes program

5:5-91.1: Standardbred Development Program.

5:5-92: Horsemen's benevolent and protective, standardbred breeders' and owners', and thoroughbred breeders' associations; annual audit; filing

5:5-93: Standards for determination of New Jersey ownership

5:5-94: Legislative findings

5:5-95: Acquisition of Garden State Racetrack by Sports and Exposition Authority; suspension

5:5-96: Private purchase of Garden State Racetrack; application for racing permits

5:5-97: Racing date allocation; renewal allotment

5:5-98: Garden State Racetrack

5:5-99: Conduct of meetings and wagering; standards, rules, regulations and conditions

5:5-110: Short title

5:5-111: Definitions

5:5-112: Intertrack wagering license

5:5-113: Joint application requirements

5:5-114: Filing of objection

5:5-115: No substitution of in-State races

5:5-116: Distribution of wagers

5:5-117: Distribution of purse money

5:5-118: Intertrack wagering declared lawful

5:5-119: Simulcasting of out-of-State races

5:5-120: In-State races simulcast out-of-State

5:5-121: Rules, regulations

5:5-122: Interstate common pools

5:5-123: Distribution of and wagering rules for receiving track parimutuel pools merged into interstate common pools

5:5-124: Wagering and distribution rules for sending track parimutuel pools merged into interstate common pools

5:5-125: Race track may receive simulcast transmissions from out-of-State track; interstate common pools, formation.

5:5-126: Distribution of amounts resulting from parimutuel pool for out-of-State program.

5:5-127: Short title.

5:5-128: Findings, declarations relative to horse racing and off-track wagering.

5:5-129: Definitions relative to horse racing and off-track wagering.

5:5-130: Issuance of license to permit off-track wagering; establishment of facilities.

5:5-131: Filing fee, certification; standards.

5:5-132: Public hearing.

5:5-133: Final determination on license application.

5:5-134: Powers of commission relative to off-track wagering.

5:5-135: Right to control patrons.

5:5-136: Limit on number of facilities.

5:5-137: Simulcasting permitted.

5:5-138: Transmission of races from in-State sending tracks.

5:5-139: Issuance of license to establish account wagering system.

5:5-140: Public hearing.

5:5-141: Powers of commission relative to account wagering.

5:5-142: Requirements for account wagering.

5:5-143: Credits to a wagering account.

5:5-144: Acceptance of account wagers.

5:5-145: Distribution of inactive, dormant accounts.

5:5-146: Inclusion of amounts wagered in parimutuel pool.

5:5-147: Distribution of sums in parimutuel pool.

5:5-148: Receipt of simulcasts transmitted from out-of-State tracks.

5:5-149: Payments to sending track.

5:5-150: Conditions for participation by out-of-State tracks; interstate common pools.

5:5-151: Takeout rate, distribution.

5:5-151.1: Payment in-lieu-of taxes, tax exemption, abatement.

5:5-152: Annual certification of racing costs.

5:5-153: "New Jersey Racing Industry Special Fund."

5:5-154: Licensing, registration of persons conducting wagering-related activities.

5:5-155: One-time right of first refusal offers of employment.

5:5-156: Scheduling of race dates, minimum required.

5:5-157: Severability.

5:5-158: Rules, regulations.

5:5-159: Annual assessment to fund certain programs for compulsive gambling.

5:5-160: Supplementation, enhancement of purses at authority owned tracks.

5:5-161: Interstate Compact for Horse Racing Licensees.

5:5-162: Purpose of compact.

5:5-163: Definitions relative to Interstate Compact for Horse Racing Licensees.

5:5-164: Entry into force, eligible parties, withdrawal.

5:5-165: Compact committee, powers and duties, voting, administration and management, immunity.

5:5-166: Rights and responsibilities of party states.

5:5-167: Construction and severability.

5:5-168: Short title.

5:5-169: Findings, declarations relative to exchange wagers.

5:5-170: Definitions relative to exchange wagers.

5:5-171: Exchange wagering permitted; conditions.

5:5-172: Issuance of license authorized.

5:5-173: Powers of commission.

5:5-174: Compliance with law required for exchange wagering.

5:5-175: Credits to exchange wagering accounts.

5:5-176: Acceptance of exchange wagers, conditions.

5:5-177: Posting of exchange wagers in interstate exchange pool.

5:5-178: Permitted actions of exchange wagering licensee.

5:5-179: Collection of exchange revenue.

5:5-180: Requirements of exchange wagering licensees.

5:5-181: Payment of moneys derived from exchange wagering.

5:5-182: Distribution of remaining amounts.

5:5-183: License, registration required.

5:5-184: Severability.

5:5-185: Rules, regulations.

5:5-186: Pilot program for placement of horse racing wagers at certain locations.

5:5-187: Use of mobile gaming devices at racetracks.

5:5-188: Contractual agreements with the Standardbred Breeders' and Owners' Association of New Jersey.

5:5-189: Contractual agreements with the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association.