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Chapter: 9 -

5:9-1: Short title

5:9-2: Purpose of act

5:9-3: Definitions

5:9-4: Division of the state lottery; establishment

5:9-5: State lottery commission; members

5:9-6: Director of division

5:9-7: Commission; powers and duties

5:9-7.1: Video machines

5:9-8: Director; powers and duties

5:9-9: Meetings of commission; quorum; transmission of minutes to governor and return

5:9-10: Subpoenas; failure to appear

5:9-11: Lottery sales agents; licensing

5:9-12: Lottery sales agents; authority to act

5:9-12.1: Additional sanctions against licensees

5:9-13: Assignment of prizes drawn; procedure.

5:9-13.1: Initiation of data exchange; prohibition on assignments, certain.

5:9-13.2: Provision of child support arrears and public assistance overpayment lists.

5:9-13.3: Provision of list of prize winners

5:9-13.4: Cross check of social security numbers with lottery list.

5:9-13.5: Withholding of certain lottery winnings.

5:9-13.6: Lien on lottery proceeds.

5:9-13.7: Remaining funds paid to claimant

5:9-13.8: Rules, regulations; hearing; confidentiality

5:9-13.9: Implementation costs.

5:9-13.10: Ongoing data exchange on student assistance.

5:9-13.11: List of individuals in default of student loan.

5:9-13.12: Provision of list of lottery prize winners.

5:9-13.13: Cross-checking of lottery list.

5:9-13.14: Notification; withholding of lottery prize.

5:9-13.15: Payment of remainder of prize to claimant.

5:9-13.16: Rules, regulations, safeguards against disclosure, inappropriate use of information.

5:9-13.17: Offset of certain lottery prizes required for payment of certain debts to State agencies.

5:9-13.18: Regulations.

5:9-14: Sale above fixed price; unlicensed sales; gifts

5:9-14.1: State lottery ticket; false or fraudulent making, forgery, alteration or counterfeiting

5:9-14.2: Fraudulent use of SSN to collect lottery winnings, fourth degree crime.

5:9-14.3: Lottery courier services.

5:9-15: Sales to person under eighteen years; gifts

5:9-16: Persons prohibited from purchasing tickets or shares

5:9-17: Unclaimed prize money

5:9-18: Deposit of receipts; reports

5:9-19: Other laws; applicability

5:9-20: Persons under eighteen years; payment of prizes

5:9-21: State lottery fund; creation

5:9-22: State lottery fund; appropriation of moneys; report; publication

5:9-22.1: Eligibility for lottery proceeds

5:9-22.2: State aid for higher education facilities trust fund

5:9-22.3: County juvenile offender rehabilitation programs eligible for State aid

5:9-22.4: Higher education capital improvement, eligibility for State aid through lottery proceeds.

5:9-22.5: Short title.

5:9-22.6: Findings, declarations relative to State lottery contributions.

5:9-22.7: Definitions relative to State lottery contributions.

5:9-22.8: Contributions to the lottery enterprise to benefit retirement systems; memorandum of Lottery Contribution.

5:9-22.9: Value of Lottery Enterprise.

5:9-22.10: Common Pension Fund established; subaccounts.

5:9-22.11: Construction of act.

5:9-22.12: Liberal construction; severability.

5:9-23: Emergency Transportation Tax Act; prizes exempt

5:9-24: Annual post-audit

5:9-25: Severability