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Chapter: 3 - Necessity for license and issuance thereof.

50:3-1: Necessity for license and issuance thereof.

50:3-2: License, fee, issuance, disposition of fees.

50:3-3: State residence, incorporation of vessel owners; statement; revocation of license.

50:3-5: Revocation of license.

50:3-6: Dredging equipment, taking of shellfish; regulated.

50:3-7: Size of dredge regulated.

50:3-8: Season for taking oysters.

50:3-9: Possession, sale of oysters taken out of season; prohibition.

50:3-10: Title to lands under tidal waters.

50:3-11: Seasonal limit to taking oysters from certain areas; exception.

50:3-12: Permission to inspect unleased grounds.

50:3-13: Dredging by person other than lessee prohibited in certain areas; exceptions.

50:3-14: Hand tongs required in certain beds.

50:3-15: Closed season; exceptions.

50:3-15.1: Minimum size of oysters which may be taken; exception.

50:3-16.1: Areas, described, named.

50:3-16.3: Description of tongers area No.1.

50:3-16.4: Taking of shellfish in Area No.1.

50:3-16.5: Necessity of license for taking shellfish; report; fee.

50:3-16.6: Application for Area No.1 license.

50:3-16.7: Fee for Area No. 1 license.

50:3-16.8: Revocation of Area No. 1 license.

50:3-16.9: Time for taking oysters.

50:3-16.10: Description of Area No. 2, Natural Seed Bed.

50:3-16.12: Description of Area No. 3, Shellfish Dredging.

50:3-16.13: Taking of shellfish in Areas Nos. 2 and 3.

50:3-16.14: License required for taking shellfish from Areas Nos. 2 and 3; fees on harvest.

50:3-16.15: Application for license for Areas Nos. 2 and 3; oath.

50:3-16.16: License; application; fee.

50:3-16.17: Revocation of license, grounds.

50:3-16.18: Limits on size of oysters taken.

50:3-16.19: Time for taking shellfish.

50:3-16.20: Size of dredge.

50:3-16.21: Prohibition on taking, catching shellfish.

50:3-16.22: Applications for license; filing, recording.

50:3-20.10: Definitions.

50:3-20.11: Licensure for oyster shucking house, planter, dealer.

50:3-20.12: Term of license.

50:3-20.13: Issuance of license, disposition of fees.

50:3-20.21: Use of license fees.

50:3-20.22: Rules and regulations.

50:3-20.26: Repeal