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Chapter: 1 - Municipal power not impaired

51:1-1: Municipal power not impaired

51:1-2: Definitions

51:1-3: Use of both systems

51:1-4: Yard

51:1-5: Chain for measurement of land

51:1-6: Test of measuring devices

51:1-7: Standard ton

51:1-8: Pound; avoirdupois; troy

51:1-9: Gallon; quart

51:1-10: Sale of milk or cream

51:1-11: Labeling or tagging milk cans

51:1-12: Penalties; disposition

51:1-13: Branding butter and cheese packages; penalty

51:1-14: Use of unbranded package; defacing or altering brand; penalty

51:1-15: Liquids only to be sold by liquid measure

51:1-16: Bushel

51:1-17: Foods sold only by weight or numerical count; exceptions

51:1-18: Bread to be sold by weight; specification of weight to purchaser

51:1-25: Peach basket; marking, etc.; penalty

51:1-26: Sale of fruits or vegetables in nonstandard containers forbidden

51:1-27: Marking of containers

51:1-27.1: Penalty for violations of section 51:1-26 or section 51:1-27

51:1-28: Marking of containers; packer's name; penalty

51:1-29: Commodity package labeling; slack filling

51:1-29.1: Hydrate of sodium tetraborate

51:1-29.2: Net weight standards pertaining to flour; adopted

51:1-31.1: Terms defined

51:1-31.4: Weight

51:1-31.10: Tolerances or variations as to quantity

51:1-33: Definitions

51:1-34: Tested scales

51:1-35: Delivery tickets; marking; alteration prohibited

51:1-35.1: Penalties for violations of section 51:1-34 or section 51:1-35

51:1-42: Department; composition

51:1-43: Appointment of superintendents; record of appointment of municipal superintendents

51:1-44: Assistant state superintendents; clerical assistants

51:1-45: Assistant county and municipal superintendents; number; deputy superintendents; powers

51:1-46: Persons employed to give full time

51:1-47: No other person to engage as superintendent, etc.

51:1-48: Superintendents and assistants; qualifications

51:1-49: State superintendent and assistants; salaries

51:1-50: County and municipal superintendents and assistants; salaries

51:1-51: County superintendents; expenses

51:1-52: County and municipal superintendents; under civil service

51:1-53: County and municipal superintendents; assistants and secretaries; tenure of office; hearing prior to discharge, etc.

51:1-54: State superintendent as administrator

51:1-54.1: Issuance of subpenas

51:1-54.2: Weighing and measuring devices; registration; fees

51:1-54.3: Fees; amounts, schedule; use

51:1-54.4: Weights and Measures Fund

51:1-55: Standards

51:1-56: Establish containers for farm products

51:1-58: Seals and certificates

51:1-59: Annual tests in state departments

51:1-60: Records

51:1-61: Regulations

51:1-62: Disseminate information

51:1-63: Superintendents and assistants; enforcement of laws; power to weigh commodities

51:1-64: Identification device

51:1-65: County and municipal superintendents; custodians of standards; annual inspections of weights and measures

51:1-66: Exclusive use of standards

51:1-67: Standards or copies to be furnished to assistants

51:1-68: County and municipal superintendents; jurisdiction; special designations by state superintendent

51:1-69: State superintendent may send assistants into any county

51:1-70: Superintendents to keep records; monthly reports

51:1-71: Superintendents; annual reports

51:1-72: Annual report

51:1-73: Definitions; public weighmaster; private weighmaster

51:1-74: Term; certificate of appointment; fee; use

51:1-75: Oath of office; no compensation from state; duties

51:1-76: Seal

51:1-77: Certificate of weight and measure; contents; prima facie evidence

51:1-77.1: Certification of tare weight by weighmaster

51:1-78: Reweighing on complaint

51:1-79: Records of public weighings

51:1-80: Penalties; requesting false weighing; false certificate or other violation by weighmaster

51:1-80.1: Weighing on scales outside state authorized

51:1-81: Weighing of live stock, hay and grain; report to owner; record

51:1-82: Fraudulent report of weight; penalties; imprisonment; double damages; interstate carriers, inapplicable to

51:1-82.1: State-owned scales; weighmasters

51:1-83: Only sealed weights and measures to be used; violations resulting in injury voids contract

51:1-84: Testing and sealing of all weights and measures; fee collection

51:1-85: Tests made at request of owner; defective weights or measures; penalty

51:1-86: Tests; defective weights, etc.; additional penalty

51:1-87: Refusal to seal weight, etc., easily arranged to defraud; review

51:1-88: Examination mandated

51:1-89: General penalty

51:1-90: Hindering official; penalty

51:1-91: Changing weight or measure prohibited

51:1-93: Legal standard

51:1-94: Retention of false weights, etc.; misdemeanor

51:1-95: Marking of short weights and tares; misdemeanor

51:1-96: Penalties for using false weights

51:1-97: Illegal weighing activities; penalties

51:1-98: Deviations; scale of penalties

51:1-99.1: Prior violations not included

51:1-100: Separate violations

51:1-101: Presence of weights, etc., presumptive evidence of use

51:1-102: Certificate

51:1-103: Jurisdiction for action

51:1-103.1: Injunctions

51:1-105: Penalty enforcement

51:1-106: Arrest; confiscation

51:1-107: Appeal; no bond or deposit required when State appeals

51:1-109: Disposition of penalties

51:1-110: Costs to prevailing party in Superior or municipal court; provision in budgets

51:1-111: City attorney or county prosecutor to aid in prosecution

51:1-113: Definitions

51:1-114: License and registration to engage in business

51:1-115: Application for license and registration; verification under oath

51:1-116: Examination and inquiry; issuance of license and registration

51:1-117: Conduct of examinations

51:1-118: Rules and regulations

51:1-119: License to repair limited classes or kinds of devices

51:1-120: Issuance of licenses to repair devices

51:1-121: Licenses and registrations; term; renewal; contents

51:1-122: Revocation or suspension of license; grounds; hearing; notice

51:1-123: Report of repair work done by licensee

51:1-124: Notice and statement to state department or county or municipal superintendent of weights and measures

51:1-125: Condemned weighing or measuring devices

51:1-126: Comparison and calibration of testing equipment

51:1-127: Record or register

51:1-128: Fees; use

51:1-129: Administration of Act; rules and regulations

51:1-130: Enforcement of Act

51:1-131: Penalties for violations of Act

51:1-132: Recovery of penalties, procedure

51:1-133: Exceptions to application of Act