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Chapter: 11 -

51:11-1: Definitions

51:11-2: Sale by standard dry measure or avoirdupois net weight; exception

51:11-3: Sale in package form; marking

51:11-4: Delivery in bulk lots exceeding 100 pounds; sale in liquid or gaseous form; delivery ticket

51:11-5: Sale in bulk amounts of 100 pounds or less; receipt; contents; exception

51:11-6: Sale or delivery of less than quantity represented

51:11-7: License to sell from vehicle

51:11-8: Applications; renewals; forms

51:11-9: Fee

51:11-10: Term of license; contents

51:11-11: License tags and identification cards

51:11-12: Estimates of amount required by consumer; regulation by superintendent

51:11-13: Receipt showing amount delivered; retention by licensee for three years

51:11-14: Display of signs on vehicles

51:11-15: Portion of licensing fee returned to county or municipality

51:11-16: Enforcement of act

51:11-17: Rules and regulations

51:11-18: Administration and enforcement of act; powers of weights and measures officials

51:11-19: Revocation, suspension, restriction or refusal to issue or renew license

51:11-20: Legal proceedings or processes

51:11-21: Subpoenas; oaths

51:11-22: Violations; penalties

51:11-23: Double penalties for certain violations

51:11-24: Separate violations for different days and places

51:11-25: Jurisdiction; enforcement of penalties; arrest without warrant

51:11-26: Application of chapter

51:11-27: Prosecutions

51:11-28: Partial invalidity