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Chapter: 4 - Deception in sale of liquid fuels and oils prohibited; certain marks allowed

51:4-1: Deception in sale of liquid fuels and oils prohibited; certain marks allowed

51:4-2: Violations; punishment

51:4-3: Inflammable fluids to be sold by true names; marking of containers

51:4-4: Flash or fire test for certain fluids; misdemeanor

51:4-5: Sale of kerosene, etc., for illumination; marking containers

51:4-6: State department of health to determine character of illuminating oils

51:4-7: Test of illuminating oils; notice prohibiting sale

51:4-8: Sales within state; presumption

51:4-9: Violations; punishment

51:4-9.1: Sale or offer to sell of kerosene of grade 2K or with 0.04% or greater sulfur content; warning; posting; violations; penalties; inspections

51:4-9.2: Rules and regulations

51:4-10: Adulterated turpentine or spirits of turpentine to be so labeled

51:4-11: Linseed oil must be commercially pure linseed or flaxseed products

51:4-12: Boiled linseed oil

51:4-13: Adulterated linseed oil to be labeled

51:4-14: Purchaser of adulterated turpentine or linseed oil to be informed

51:4-15: Penalties

51:4-16: Enforcement; inspection; recovery of penalties

51:4-23: Definitions

51:4-24: Compliance with act required for lawful sale

51:4-25: License

51:4-26: License; application, fee, expiration

51:4-27: Grading, measuring and labeling

51:4-28: Delivery ticket and duplicate; form and content; filing of voided tickets

51:4-29: Misrepresentation, mislabeling or misbranding; misdemeanor

51:4-30: Sale or purchase in compliance with superintendent's standards, rules or regulations

51:4-31: Rules, regulations or orders

51:4-32: Administration and enforcement by superintendent; power and authority of weights and measures officials

51:4-33: Stop-use, stop-removal, removal, condemnation, or confiscating orders; liability of consumers

51:4-34: Revocation, suspension, restriction or refusal to issue or renew license; hearing

51:4-35: Employment of specialists and experts

51:4-36: Legal proceedings or processes

51:4-37: Authority to issue subpoenas; court action

51:4-38: Violations; penalties; collection and enforcement; process