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Chapter: 8 -

51:8-1: Definitions

51:8-2: Sale, etc., not in accordance with chapter unlawful

51:8-3: Enforcement; jurisdiction over inspectors

51:8-4: General supervision by superintendent; rules and regulations

51:8-5: License to sell or deliver solid fuel; certificates of license; license plates; issuance; terms; fees; display; emergency plates; expiration; revocati

51:8-6: Sale by weight only; pounds to the ton; weighmaster to weigh

51:8-7: Weighing fuel of unequipped dealer on scales of equipped dealer

51:8-8: Weighing fuel of unequipped dealer on approved scales; procedure

51:8-9: Weight certificates; necessity of; contents; delivery tickets; exceptions

51:8-10: Substituting name of another person in weight certificate

51:8-11: Weighing fuel in process of delivery

51:8-12: Who may issue weight certificates; certificate of designation as weighmaster; application; period; revocation; substitution of weighmaster

51:8-13: Disposition of license fees; payments to counties and municipalities of moneys collected

51:8-14: Violations; penalties

51:8-15: Procedure for recovery of penalties

51:8-16: Arrest without warrant

51:8-19: Disposition of penalties