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Title: 53 - STATE POLICE

Chapter: 1 - Department continued; executive head

53:1-1: Department continued; executive head

53:1-2: Appointment, term, salary, and bond of superintendent

53:1-3: Deputy superintendent

53:1-3.1: Executive officer

53:1-4: Qualifications for superintendents and commissioned officers; promotions

53:1-5: Officers and personnel

53:1-5.2: Change in rank and grade; increase in personnel

53:1-5.3: Preparation, updating of catalogue listing State Police positions for enlisted members; posting, inapplicability

53:1-6: Salaries of officers and troopers; increase for detective work

53:1-7: Salary increases for personnel

53:1-8: Appointment of officers and troopers; term; removal

53:1-8.1: Tenure granted after continuous service of five years; exception

53:1-8.2: Persons eligible to become members of Division of State Police

53:1-8.3: Transfer of employees not becoming members of Division of State Police

53:1-9: Qualifications for members of state police; examinations; enlistment

53:1-9.1: Leave of absence for special duty in Federal Bureau of Investigation

53:1-9.2: Rights of persons granted leave of absence

53:1-9.3: Retirement pension rights not affected by leave of absence; death or disability; contributions during leave of absence

53:1-9.4: Certification

53:1-10: Rules and regulations; instruction to troopers

53:1-10.1: Annual report on public complaints of misconduct by State Police

53:1-11: Voluntary withdrawal a misdemeanor

53:1-11.1: Establishment; supervision; duties of superintendent

53:1-11.2: Personnel

53:1-11.3: Establishment

53:1-11.4: Personnel

53:1-11.5: Powers of inspectors

53:1-11.6: Investigation relating to enforcement of Title 33; request

53:1-11.7: Inapplicability of act to rights of employees

53:1-11.8: Application of State Agency Transfer Act

53:1-11.9: Rules and regulations

53:1-11.10: Definitions

53:1-11.11: Bureau of Marine Law Enforcement

53:1-11.12: Membership

53:1-11.13: Existing tenure rights unaffected

53:1-11.14: Powers, duties of marine law enforcement officers.

53:1-11.15: Duties of superintendent

53:1-11.16: Marine police stations unaffected by act

53:1-12: Bureau continued; superintendent to control; appointment of supervisor and other personnel; equipment; civil service rights; titles established

53:1-13: Fingerprints and other records filed; information furnished by state institutions

53:1-14: Record of fingerprints, etc., of persons confined in penal institutions; penal institutions to furnish

53:1-15: Fingerprinting of suspects.

53:1-15.1: Designation of crime related to street gang activity; offense for which fingerprinting required.

53:1-16: Comparison of all records received

53:1-17: Supervisor to instruct, assist and co-operate with local police officials

53:1-18: Report of criminal charges or disorderly offenses; duty of clerks of courts

53:1-18a: Report of statistics on crime conditions; duty of prosecutors

53:1-18.1: Fingerprints of persons arrested for or charged with narcotic or dangerous drug offenses

53:1-18.2: Reports on narcotic or dangerous drug cases; duty of clerks of court

53:1-18.3: Compilation of results of reports on narcotic or dangerous drug cases

53:1-18.4: Effective date

53:1-18.5: "Dangerous drugs" defined

53:1-19: Co-operation with national bureau and other agencies

53:1-20: Failure of officers to perform duties; misdemeanor; removal

53:1-20.1: File of criminal records kept

53:1-20.2: Duty of law enforcement officers and public officers and employees to supply information; County Bureau of Identification defined

53:1-20.3: Release of prisoners from penal or other institutions; notice to bureau; photographs

53:1-20.4: Department originally arresting prisoner to be notified of his release

53:1-20.5: Definitions

53:1-20.6: Rules, regulations concerning dissemination of information; fees.

53:1-20.7: Criminal History Record Information Fund; use

53:1-20.8: Background check by State Police

53:1-20.9a: Applicant background check for certain health care professionals

53:1-20.9b: Exchange of fingerprint data, information; determination; challenge.

53:1-20.9c: Authorization for exchange of fingerprint data, information on assisted living administrators.

53:1-20.9d: Exchange of fingerprint data, criminal history record information on residential child care, adoption agency staff.

53:1-20.9e: Conducting of criminal history record background check for guardians.

53:1-20.9f: Exchange of fingerprint data.

53:1-20.10: Findings, declarations

53:1-20.11: Participation in Violent Criminal Apprehension Program

53:1-20.12: Maintenance, transmission of information

53:1-20.13: Collection, reporting of information

53:1-20.14: Equipment, supplies, services

53:1-20.15: Rules, regulations

53:1-20.16: Criminal history record background check on adjusters

53:1-20.17: Short title

53:1-20.18: Findings, declarations regarding DNA databases.

53:1-20.19: Definitions regarding DNA databanks.

53:1-20.20: DNA samples required; conditions.

53:1-20.21: Purposes of DNA samples.

53:1-20.22: Drawing of DNA samples; conditions.

53:1-20.23: Rules; procedures

53:1-20.24: Use of State database

53:1-20.25: Expungement of records from State records; conditions.

53:1-20.26: Wrongful disclosure of information

53:1-20.27: Confidentiality

53:1-20.28: Funding of act in first year

53:1-20.28a: "New Jersey Forensic DNA Laboratory Fund."

53:1-20.29: Liability for cost of certain blood or biological sample testing.

53:1-20.30: Lien against property, income of offender

53:1-20.31: Form of lien

53:1-20.32: Filing of lien

53:1-20.33: Forwarding of notice of lien, effect

53:1-20.34: Provision of books for entering lien, recordation

53:1-20.35: Discharge of lien by the State

53:1-20.36: Discharge of lien by a person

53:1-20.37: Retaining of all DNA profile information.

53:1-20.38: Licensing of peddlers, solicitors by municipalities; definitions.

53:1-21: Creation; duties

53:1-21.1: Establishment of radiotelephone and intercommunicating system

53:1-21.2: Equipment

53:1-21.3: Other State law enforcement agencies; use by

53:1-21.4: Contract for furnishing of service

53:1-21.5: Transfer of title to State owned equipment and facilities

53:1-23: Physicians and other medical personnel

53:1-24: Cooks; civil service rights; titles

53:1-25: Expert services and civilian specialists; civil service rights; titles established

53:1-26.1: Possession of goods for six months; auction sale; notice; perishable goods; moneys paid into state treasury

53:1-27: Quarters, equipment and teaching staff for training school

53:1-28: Repeal

53:1-29: Service in armed forces included in computing years of service for retirement rights

53:1-30: Provision of means for defense, reimbursement, exceptions.

53:1-31: Reinstatement, recovery of pay under certain circumstances.

53:1-32: "National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact"

53:1-33: Complaints against State Police officers, process.