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Title: 53 - STATE POLICE

Chapter: 2 - Powers, duties; cooperation with other authorities.

53:2-1: Powers, duties; cooperation with other authorities.

53:2-2: Duty to execute legal process issued by senate or assembly

53:2-3: Certified copies of reports, photographs or other information pertaining to automobile accident or other casualty in file; public access; fees

53:2-4: Contracts for radio or television programs; approval

53:2-5: Veto power over context of programs; technical assistance

53:2-6: Deposit of funds

53:2-7: Toll free arson hotline

53:2-8: Definitions.

53:2-9: Division to assume powers, assets, duties after transfer date.

53:2-10: Additional powers, duties of division.

53:2-11: License required for pier superintendent, hiring agent.

53:2-12: Licensure required for stevedore.

53:2-13: Longshoremen's register.

53:2-14: Removal of certain persons from longshoremen's register.

53:2-15: Power of division to remove persons from longshoremen's register.

53:2-16: List of qualified longshoremen for employment as checkers.

53:2-17: Applications for inclusion in longshoremen's register.

53:2-18: Licensure for port watchmen.

53:2-19: Reasonable prior notice, hearing prior to denial of license, registration.

53:2-20: Hearings, right to counsel, reopening, rehearing.

53:2-21: Designation of division on own behalf, agent of the State.

53:2-22: Telecommunication hiring system.

53:2-23: Additional grounds for denial of application, registration.

53:2-24: Additional grounds for revocation, suspension of license, registration.

53:2-25: Refusal to answer question; immunity; prosecution.

53:2-26: Temporary suspension.

53:2-27: Division authorized to co-operate with commission, other public entity.

53:2-28: Construction of act.

53:2-29: Transfer of officers, employees.

53:2-30: Annual adoption of budget.

53:2-31: Payment of assessment.

53:2-32: Unlawful actions.

53:2-33: Certain solicitations prohibited.

53:2-34: Violations, penalties.

53:2-35: Witnesses, other violations.

53:2-36: Compacts dissolved.