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Title: 53 - STATE POLICE

Chapter: 3 - State headquarters

53:3-1: State headquarters

53:3-2: Local patrol stations; right to acquire use of lands for

53:3-3: Equipment provided; sale of unusable property

53:3-4: Deductions for damage to property

53:3-5: Uniforms for state police

53:3-6: Penalty for wearing or imitating uniform

53:3-7: Markings on vehicles

53:3-8: Establishment; "sending and receiving" stations

53:3-9: Superintendent to install and operate basic system; personnel, civil service rights; title

53:3-10: Equipment for police stations; county and municipal agencies may use system

53:3-11: Interstate connection of system permitted

53:3-12: Commutation of rations and quarters

53:3-13: Petty cash fund; bond of disbursing officers

53:3-14: Payment of departmental expenses