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Title: 53 - STATE POLICE

Chapter: 5A - Provisos as to repeal

53:5A-1: Repeals

53:5A-2: Provisos as to repeal

53:5A-3: Definitions relative to State Police Retirement System.

53:5A-4: Establishment of state police retirement system; purpose

53:5A-5: Membership

53:5A-5.1: Transfer to State Police Retirement System of New Jersey

53:5A-5.2: Accumulated deductions remitted to State Police Retirement System

53:5A-5.3: Calculation of liability of employer

53:5A-5.4: Inapplicability of C.53:5A-3.

53:5A-6: Creditable service; purchase of service credit.

53:5A-6.1: Filing of detailed statement of military service; purchase of service credit.

53:5A-7: Cessation of membership

53:5A-8: Retirement for age and service; benefits

53:5A-8.1: Applicability to retirements

53:5A-8.2: Applicability of act

53:5A-9: Retirement on ordinary disability retirement allowance; payments upon death

53:5A-10: Retirement on accidental disability retirement allowance; payments upon death

53:5A-11: Retirement for disability; medical examination; report

53:5A-12: Death benefits

53:5A-14: Accidental death benefits; payment of health insurance premiums.

53:5A-14.1: Pension benefits under former section 53:5-5 discontinued by remarriage of mother; right to receive benefits

53:5A-14.2: Applicability of adjustment in survivors' benefits.

53:5A-14.3: Application in changes of definitions.

53:5A-15: Death benefit coverage; former officers, noncommissioned officers or troopers covered under pre-existing group life program

53:5A-15.1: Determination of active membership; eligibility for death benefit after retirement

53:5A-15.2: Designation and change of beneficiary; payments upon death of member

53:5A-15.3: Eligibility of beneficiary of retirant to death benefit; minimum amount of monthly allowance or benefit

53:5A-15.4: Evidence of insurability; necessity prior to eligibility for death benefits; effective date of coverage

53:5A-16: Group life insurance; purchase to provide for death benefits

53:5A-17: Qualifications of life insurance companies

53:5A-18: Purchase of group insurance coverage for death benefit provisions

53:5A-19: Payment of premiums from group insurance premium fund

53:5A-20: Payment of unpaid pension benefits

53:5A-21: Conversion privileges

53:5A-22: Payment of benefits under group policies; nomination of payee

53:5A-23: Manner of payment; arrangements for settlement

53:5A-24: Credit to policyholder in absence of brokerage commissions

53:5A-25: Death after retirement

53:5A-26: Withdrawal from service or cessation of membership; return of contributions

53:5A-27: "Special" retirement

53:5A-28: Separation of certain personnel from service; election to receive deferred retirement allowance; reenrollment upon reemployment

53:5A-29: Loan terms; repayment after retirement of member of SPRS.

53:5A-30: State police retirement system trustees, committee.

53:5A-31: Administration of funds.

53:5A-32: Duties of actuary

53:5A-33: Establishment of funds

53:5A-34: Contingent reserve fund.

53:5A-34.1: Liability determined by actuary

53:5A-34.2: Payment of pension adjustment benefits; funding

53:5A-35: Annuity savings fund

53:5A-36: Retirement reserve fund

53:5A-37: Retired members' group insurance premium fund

53:5A-38: Payroll deductions; amount.

53:5A-38.1: Periodic benefits payable under Workers' Compensation Law; salary deductions paid by employer; retirement benefits application

53:5A-39: Obligations of state; estimate of moneys needed; budget request; appropriation

53:5A-40: Payment of proceeds of tax on foreign insurance companies to state treasurer for deposit in general funds

53:5A-41: Inapplicability of other provisions; necessity for creation of reserves

53:5A-42: Fraud; punishment; correction of errors

53:5A-43: Waiver of portion of pension, benefit or retirement allowance

53:5A-44: Deductions from pension or allowance to pay premiums for group health insurance plan or state health benefits program

53:5A-44.1: Medicare premium reimbursement

53:5A-45: Tax exemption; exemptions from levy and sale, garnishment, attachment or other process; assignability of rights; assignment of group insurance policy

53:5A-46: Partial invalidity

53:5A-47: Short title